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Favourite Tintin character

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Trivia Challenge Score Keeper
#11 · Posted: 3 May 2004 16:19
I don't suppose "Anfäkta och Anamma" has a proper literal translation as they mean "worry" and "damn" (correct me if I'm wrong!). But "Bomber och Granater" seems to have been lifted from the Dutch translation, in which Haddock exclaims: "Bommen en Granaten"
#12 · Posted: 3 May 2004 18:47 · Edited by: GurraJG
I don't suppose "Anfäkta och Anamma" has a proper literal translation as they mean "worry" and "damn" (correct me if I'm wrong!).

To tell you the truth, I have no clue what "Anfäkta och Anamma" mean. Anamma can sometimes be used with Fan (damn), so Anamma would not mean damn, but it is used with it. But Anfäkta could very well be "worry".

And before I leave, if you want to see a complete list of all of the curses of Haddock in Swedish, go here.
#13 · Posted: 5 Jun 2004 02:39
I'm a new member too (=

I would say: Haddock, closely followed by Calculus.

My favourite Haddock line is in Picaros on Page 10 when he has been accused of backing down against Tapioca and he says "Dictatoral Duck-Billed Diplodocus!"

One of my favourite Calulus momments is on the same page, when Haddock is telling him there's no way they are going to walk into the trap Tapioca is setting for them and Calculus walks off saying "Bravo! Well spoken! I'll pack my things and we'll go!", leaving Haddock in despair.

I also like Castafiore and Sophocles Sarcophagus (is that right?). He's in Cigars of the Pharaoh.
#14 · Posted: 11 Jul 2004 09:23
My favourite character definitely has to be Captain Haddock, he's a great character who blends and fits into the story well and certainly does add that touch of humour to the Tintin series.

I also admire Professor Calculus! He's a real goofball and always takes everything in the wrong way (due to his hearing problems)!
#15 · Posted: 20 Jul 2004 16:54
I kind of like Senor Oliveira da Figueira. He's got a good blend of self-interest and humour, but is a reliable friend of Tintin.

Also General Alcazar. That guy has character! He's not quite as morally perfect as the other good guys, and he has that Latino flair. In the TV series, I think his voice is great, too.
Kih Oskh Gaipajama
#16 · Posted: 25 Jul 2004 06:22
Minor characters really are the spice of Tintin books. Some of them have funny names, others are loveable for the eccentricity and some are just wondeful because they ARE (e.g. E.Cutts the butcher) Here are a few of my favourites:

Senor Olivera Da Figurera (what a salesman! he has some great lines too:"Yes a big rat for a very small trap", "His father, a well known snail farmer...")

The little gypsy girl who bites the captain (Miarka)

And for funny names: Marco Risotto (of the Paris Flash), Kronic and Klumsy...the poet Zloty (which is the polish currency)
#17 · Posted: 26 Jul 2004 02:39
Here's my favorite minor characters from each album:

Vlipvlop (Tintin in the Land of the Soviets) Coco (Tintin in the Congo) Big Chief Keen Eyed Mole (Tintin in America) Sheik Patrash Pasha (Cigars of the Pharaoh) Ramacharma (The Blue Lotus) Corporal Diaz (Tintin and the Broken Ear) Ivan (The Black Island) King Muskar XII (King Ottokar's Sceptre) The fat man on page 45 (The Crab with the Golden Claws) Philippulus the Prophet (The Shooting Star) Sir Francis Haddock (The Secret of the Unicorn) Reporter at the End (Red Rackham's Treasure) Mark Falconer (The Seven Crystal Balls) Zorrino (Prisoners of the Sun) Jock McPhee (Land of Black Gold) Doctor (Destination Moon) Radio-Klow (Explorers on the Moon) Professor Topolino (The Calculus Affair) The "Coke" (The Red Sea Sharks) Grand Abbot (Tintin in Tibet) Mike the Gypsie (The Castafiore Emerald) Spalding (Flight 714) Colonel Alvarez (Tintin and the Picaros) never read Tintin and Alph-Art, but I'm hoping to get the new english version soon! ...
#18 · Posted: 26 Jul 2004 14:22
I think it's too bad that Decimus Phostle of The Shooting Star never made a comeback, although I suppose the introduction of Calculus made him unnecessary.

I know he was at one point supposed to have become a villain in Destination Moon, but that snuffed out plotline (wanting to buy a diamond for Rita Hayworth?!?) would have been a real anomaly in the series.
#19 · Posted: 29 Jul 2004 15:51
Arturo Benedetto Giovanni Guiseppe Pietro Archangelo Alfredo Cartoffoli da Milano.

Loved that scene
#20 · Posted: 31 Jul 2004 22:47
Personally, I like Christopher Willoughby-Drupe (he's handsome).

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