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Favourite Tintin character

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cigars of the beeper
#51 · Posted: 1 Jan 2008 14:41
Diego the Dreadful

Welcome to Tintinologist! by the way, I also like Sophocles Sarcophagus and Mike Macadam.
Diego the Dreadful
#52 · Posted: 6 Jan 2008 13:48
Thanks cigars! This seems like a really friendly place.
#53 · Posted: 27 Jan 2008 23:21
OJG: "Also General Alcazar. That guy has character! He's not quite as morally perfect as the other good guys, and he has that Latino flair. In the TV series, I think his voice is great, too."

I totaly agree, and his wife is priceless. As for the general disscusion I love both Haddock and Calculus. In real life I'd love Tintin but in terms of characters on a page the others are funnier
#54 · Posted: 6 Jul 2010 18:25 · Edited by: Moderator
Moved from duplicate thread

Does anyone have a favorite character in Tintin?
My 5 Favorite Characters in Tintin
#1 Doctor J.W. Muller
#2 Tintin
#3 Snowy
#4 Mitsuhirato
#5 Ivan

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Capock Hatpin
#55 · Posted: 6 Jul 2010 19:27
Haddock. Least favorite is Jolyon Wagg.
#56 · Posted: 6 Jul 2010 22:43
Oo-er. Excluding Tintin and Snowy from the list on this one as that would be cheating.

1. Skut, I love him, really. He's sweet and adorable for sticking with Tintin in Red Sea Sharks. Quite handsome too even with the eyepatch.

2. Captain Haddock cracks me up. His insults are just class for the nonsense and for the fact nobody understands what he's saying. I quite like his poignant moments too, it shows he definitely has a heart.

3. General Alcazar also cracks me up. No really, I love him in the animated series as his voice gets the latino flair across so much. His serious-ness in scenes just makes me laugh.

4. Oliveira de Figueira, useful guy. For both items and distractions. He'd be great at our local shop. Oh the anecdotes he could bring up!
Rianna Lauren
#57 · Posted: 7 Jul 2010 09:56 · Edited by: Rianna Lauren
My favorite is definitely Tintin - smart, cute, brave, cute, determined, cute, and awesome. :D Did I mention cute?

Snowy! He's just so loyal. I wish I had a dog like him. :3

Captain Haddock! Gotta love him. :D Whatever will we do without him and "blistering barnacles".

The Thompsons - hilarious, needless to say. xD

...Well I just happen to love her voice, so maybe not. xD

And everyone else - Alcazar, Skut, Oliviera, Rastapopoulos, Muller, and Allan. :D
#58 · Posted: 14 Apr 2013 08:05
Just posted this in the new member thread... then I saw this one...

Favorite characters have to be Cuthbert, Snowy, Sir Francis Haddock and Red Rackham, Didi, Mitsuhirato, Oliveira, Rascar Capac, Abdullah, Nestor, Tapioca and Alcazar, Allan, and the minor character Arturo (I'm a car enthusiast).
#59 · Posted: 19 Jun 2013 23:23
I'm not even going to say Tintin, Snowy, The Professor, the Detectives, or the Captain because those are the main six that are present in most books. So I'm going to focus on the secondary characters now.

1. Chang - Because like Tintin, Chang was inspired by a real person and I feel that Tintin and Chang's friendships also symbolizes the eternal friendship of Tchang and Herge.

2. Piotr Skut - He is just a suave kind of guy. Very likeable and if Herge were to write a few more books, I'm almost certain he would be in them. Perhaps Herge could have written a book that took place in Estonia centering around Skut.

3. Captain Chester - Ok a brief appearance in "The Shooting Star" convinced me that he and Captain Haddock had a rich past full of tales and adventures of their own that if Herge really wanted to, could have focused on Haddock's past with Chester of course working with him. That little dance they did made me think of a time they may have done many drunken dances in their day at pubs world wide! From all of that we may have gotten a bit more about Haddock's past and how he got to where he is now.

4. Mrs. Finch, although just appears to be Tintin's landlord, there is a lot that can be read into her character that I think Herge leaves to the mind. Tintin is how old when the comic begins? 15? I have often thought myself that maybe Mrs. Finch was Tintin's adoptive mother who looked after and supported his academic endeavors as writer? To me she is very enigmatic in that regard.
#60 · Posted: 4 Nov 2013 14:26
Haddock of course. Thompsons are wonderful, so is Snowy, and most of the other characters. The only one I don't particularly like is Tintin himself. Far too heroic, dogoody and perfect for my tastes

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