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"Tintin Orange" Brand Soda is Real?

#1 · Posted: 23 Nov 2015 13:00
Is Tintin Orange soda a real brand, or only a poster artwork?
#2 · Posted: 23 Nov 2015 13:33 · Edited by: jock123
Good question!

It was definitely real, yes; it was available in France throughout the sixties, and possibly on into the seventies.

There is a famous poster image of Tintin and Snowy sharing a bottle using straws, where Snowy has a bone tucked behind his ear.

It's unusual in that it is one of the few (possibly the only?) commercial images of the pair, produced officially, but by neither Hergé, or (in Hergé's style by) the studio; instead, it is by the hand of celebrated French poster- and graphic-artist, Raymond Savignac.

You will find images of bottles, labels and other publicity material (magazine articles, etc.) on Google.

If anyone has precise dates, and knows if it was distributed outside France, do let us know.

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