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Is Tintin a Christian?

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#31 · Posted: 11 Sep 2009 03:28
I think he had a faith, when he's facing death, he's pretty brave!!!
#32 · Posted: 11 Sep 2009 23:37
There is also a priest who saves Tintin in The Adventures Of Tintin In Congo!

Funny to see how his big beard reminds me of King Leopold II of Belgium...
#33 · Posted: 11 Dec 2009 15:45

I agree with you. In addition, in the America one, in the French edition,when Bobby Smiles thinks he has come back from the dead, he says "If I hadnt been protected by an overhanging rock I would be no longer on this earth" implying he believed in heaven. In the English edition he says he would be as dead as a doornail. Big difference, no?
#34 · Posted: 11 Dec 2009 18:28
he says "If I hadnt been protected by an overhanging rock I would be no longer on this earth" implying he believed in heaven.

That’s quite a stretch there, I think - I certainly don’t see anything in the statement in the original that says he’ll be anything other than dead; it doesn’t mean that he doesn’t believe in Heaven or an afterlife, but nor does it say that he does. So in that way the “dead as a doornail” thing covers the situation in the same way quite nicely.
#35 · Posted: 18 May 2010 03:40
Possibly, I've always thought it's nice to think that too. But then, he does say "We can thank our lucky stars we got out of that one, Snowy!" instead of "Thank God!"
#36 · Posted: 20 May 2010 21:29
Well, maybe Herge thought it best to keep his religion sort of, secret? Maybe? But Tintin probably was maybe a catholic.
#37 · Posted: 22 May 2010 04:54
Are there any scenes that involve a priest, other than in Tintin in the Congo? I'm just wondering.
#38 · Posted: 25 May 2010 19:54 · Edited by: mct16
On a non-Christian basis there are the priest who is about to sacrifice Snowy in "Cigars of the Pharaoh" and the worshippers of the Sun in "Temple". Herge seems to regard them as villains or at the very least as anti-heroes - the Incas had good reasons (in their view) to persecute the explorers and kidnap and kill Calculus and his friends, but all the same...

Mind you, he does portray the monks of "Tintin in Tibet" in a more sympathetic light.

If you regard the movies as part of the canon, then Tintin does meet a pleasant Orthodox Christian priest in "Tintin and the Mystery of the Golden Fleece".
#39 · Posted: 27 May 2010 01:59
It's not for us to judge Herge's faith but going by his biographies, I'd say it's safe to say he was Catholic (but maybe only tradition-wise) and later invested in Eastern Mysticism, specifically the New Age and Buddhism.
#40 · Posted: 4 Oct 2016 09:22 · Edited by: Moderator
Maybe. On old Christmas-themed Tintin cards and magazine covers it shows him and his friends doing Christian like things like praying, going to church, and meeting baby Jesus. There's even one Christmas card where it shows Tintin walking with Snowy in the snow holding a bible.
So I'm guessing Tintin could be somewhat Christian.

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