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#11 · Posted: 4 Apr 2005 10:00 · Edited by: jock123
When I look at all the books they could have translated it really annoys me

Yes, but if they hadn’t translated this title, that’d’ve annoyed you too, wouldn’t it?

Look at it this way, it should have been a good seller just as a souvenir of the exhibition, which might make the publisher more receptive to doing other English-language non-fiction Tintin titles; had it been something more obscure, without the benefit of the publicity, it might have tanked, and then they’d be less likely to do further books. I think we need to accept that we are a minority group, even amongst those who like Tintin, and be a bit more grateful for what we do get…

Add to that that the lady behind the counter at Tintin in the City said that the biggest request she had was for an English version of that exhibition’s book, and the case gets better still.

Thinking about it, we aren’t in a different boat from students of many main-stream artists, architects, designers etc., where it is taken for granted that books won’t be translated, and if you want to read the studies of their work, you have to read French-, German-, Italian- and probably Spanish-language books!

Swinging back more on-topic, I think that folks are being a might hard on the book - it is a fair translation/ revision of the original, it is quite informative, and the design is nice, IMHO; I really like the cover, and it is streets ahead of the rather grim blue-and-black jacket on the French, so I think we came off better here.
#12 · Posted: 4 Apr 2005 10:13
Oh, I like the design and all its the info inside that I find very bland.
UK Correspondent
#13 · Posted: 4 Apr 2005 11:36
jock123 said :
it is streets ahead of the rather grim blue-and-black jacket on the French

The French obviously agree with you; the new edition of Tintin, Haddock et les Bateaux uses the English edition's cover. See here.
#14 · Posted: 4 Apr 2005 12:12
The French obviously agree with you

Wow! I never knew I wielded such power!! ;-)
UK Correspondent
#15 · Posted: 4 Apr 2005 12:49
Wow! I never knew I wielded such power!! ;-)

Now, use it wisely to get us Tintin et moi, entretiens avec Hergé translated into English ! :o)
Moderator Emeritus
#16 · Posted: 4 Apr 2005 18:41
Ha ha ! Sounds great to me, jock ! Get some rare titles printed ! ;o)
#17 · Posted: 6 Apr 2005 02:53
It was not supposed to be an adventure. What do you guy's want?
Harrock n roll
#18 · Posted: 7 Apr 2005 09:56
Well I found the information inside quite interesting with plenty of titbits I'd not read elsewhere (at least in English). On the day I bought the book I read it cover-to-cover (which didn't take very long as it's pretty short). In fact I found the whole Tintin at Sea concept (book and exhibition) to be far less boring than I was expecting given the obscure subject. Even after reading Tintin for more than 20 years I was still surprised by the amount of nautical references there are in the adventures.

However, I was a bit disappointed in the design of the book. I don't find those re-coloured, re-lettered blow-ups (also used in The Complete Companion) very exciting and I'd much rather have seen more reproductions of originals; there were so many at the exhibition which they could have been used.
#19 · Posted: 7 Apr 2005 13:12
I think the Tintin at Sea book is great in the way that it focuses on the nautical aspects of the adventure, especially the meridians in Rackham, and the route of the raft in Red Sea Sharks. I liked the geekyness of the lists of ships aswell. And lets face it Haddock is an old sea dog, and he is a major character.
Also I agree it wil rise in price, as i have noted exhibtion books are quite sought after.
#20 · Posted: 8 Apr 2005 21:37 · Edited by: yamilah
Not so boring a book, imho either...

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