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Favourite Haddock insults

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#31 · Posted: 16 Jun 2005 16:20 · Edited by: yamilah
the translators do like their alliteration, and "Ration my rum!" sounds good...

Harrock n roll
hard scraping induces blisters on the hands...

Yes, but still this GRIANCRIS is peculiar as it is written in capital and bold letters, unlike any other one in the corpus...

As it is transmitted via an unseen transmission system (parrots) in a story with spatiotemporal faults* and Indians (extinct natives), it might be the unseen or obscure passage found every time there is such a constellation...

* another one soon on the 'Eagle's cross discovery' thread; thanks for your collaboration...
#32 · Posted: 19 Jun 2005 12:53
My favorite Haddock insult is "ICONOCLASTS!"
#33 · Posted: 23 Jun 2005 20:32
My fave is definitely from "Coke en stock"---"Schizophrène!!!"
Tintin and Snowy
#34 · Posted: 2 Feb 2006 02:38
I think me favorite insults are ectoplasm, iconoclast, ostrogoth and of course we can't forget "Blistering barnacles!" and "Thundering typhoons!"
#35 · Posted: 13 May 2006 20:44
It has to be 'klaptomaniac' (someone who can't stop stealing), but that is because it's a private joke. We had a Australian supply teacher with a Hitler moustache called Mr. McGrar. He spent the first 10 minutes of the lesson telling us the origins of his name. Then, at the end of a lesson, someone picked an inflatable globe off the floor. The teacher then accused him of being a klaptomaniac and spent all of break telling a story about a klaptomaniac he once knew!!!
#36 · Posted: 13 May 2006 21:40
Definitly, "Politician" a true insult. :-D Or wait, Carpet Salesman!! Haddock is so awesome! Do you have an archive of all of the insults ever? That would be so cool! :-o
#37 · Posted: 14 May 2006 01:16
Prsephone101 wrote: Do you have an archive of all of the insults ever?

Hehehe - Check out our attempt to record all of Haddock's insult found in the English language books.
#38 · Posted: 30 May 2006 18:59
I'd have to say my favorite is "Purple profiteering jellyfish"... There's just a ring to it...
#39 · Posted: 16 Jul 2006 15:28
I;m fond of the dialogue when the C.D. plated car tears past Tintin and Haddock in Calculus Affair and flicks the cigarette out the window, leading Haddock to say "Certified Diplodocus, that's what you are."

Comes right after the 'nine pins' curse, which has to be up there too.
The Curtis Family
#40 · Posted: 5 Aug 2006 16:15
I like the one when he says ten thousand howling how hownds
that cracks me up so much

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