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Is the First Album you Read Your Favourite One?

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Trivia Challenge Score Keeper
#11 · Posted: 9 May 2005 16:20
I hope jock123 doesn't mind me (mis)quoting him here, but I recall him saying he doesn't regard The Blue Lotus as highly as others partly because it was published in English very late in the series (1983) and therefore it was one of the last ones he read. (please feel free to correct me!)

For my part, The Blue Lotus was the first one I read, and while not my absolute favourite it is certainly very high in my estimation. The Calculus Affair (which is my favourite) was the second one I read, so perhaps there is something in it?

To me it seems to be tied in with something in psychology called the Primacy/Recency effect. Very basically, it states that a person will remember better the things in a series that they came into contact with (i.e. read) first. Thus, if they enjoyed their first Tintin books enough to get them to read the rest of the series, then often it doesn't matter how good/bad the rest are, the first books will be associated with the most enjoyment. It's not a concrete hypothesis by any means, but this topic seems to reflect it somewhat!

#12 · Posted: 9 May 2005 17:14
You are absolutely right, Ed - you have my sentiments exactly! Added to the fact that I am not that keen on Tibet, and therefore wasn’t that taken by the character of Tchang, I guess I just was over the really impressionable stage of my reading by the time it came to English, and so it was a “Johnny-come-(too)-lately” for me!

Perhaps somewhat perversely Soviets clicked for me as soon as I got it, and I prefer that to some more acclaimed titles.

As it happens, I’m not sure what the first book I read was; I remember looking at Tintin books my older brother got out of the library (frustratingly I never knew where he was getting them from, as I was only allowed books from the Juniors shelf!), and vivdly recall the cover of Red Rackham, but I am also sure he had the Moon books out too. I also know the first book that I got out of the primary school library was Prisoners, many years before I even knew of Crystal Balls, and that retains a high place in my ranking.
#13 · Posted: 9 May 2005 17:57
Thank you Ed,

Your explanation is really absolutely right. Perhaps I was also trying to find the sentences in my head, the same of your last paragraph.
#14 · Posted: 10 May 2005 01:29
Maybe this deserves a second thread, but is there an opposite of this interesting relationship? That is, was the last Tintin adventure you discovered somehow dissatisfying (perhaps because there are no more)? I'm not exactly sure which was my last, but it was probably either Picaros (which I'm not fond of) or Crab (which I like, but find a little too simple).
#15 · Posted: 10 May 2005 11:35
I asked this as a question first in Introduce Yourself before opening it as a topic. In one of my replies I had written of being awareness of subjectivity of my hypothesis and of paradoxy, perhaps more than that.
I did not want it to turn into a paradox. I was trying to find an answer that the level of effect of first album for me and for nearly 50 percent of fans I knew (and if I did not misunderstand, for nearly 30 percent of the fans who wrote reply to forum for the topic). Ed’s reply seemed quite exlpanatory despite of its critical content.
If I read The Soviets first, I probably will dislike Tintin (contrary to my hypothesis and deserve again a thread (really deserves)) and Black Island will be my favorite if it was my last album. (contrary!) I read all the adventures (except Alp-Art) and Soviets was my last (because of its rareness in Turkey) and I am not dissatisfied with Sov. because I had read about Herge (He was 22 and his political aspect on communism, colonialism (for Congo) was too keen in that years as he would also admit it later). If I did not read about Herge, perhaps I would also like it.
I had to open the topic perhaps as The level of first album’s effect to favorite album instead of First album you read is your favorite one. Mine was a question more than a hyphotesis in the beginning.

Black Island (Kara Ada) will be my favorite forever.
#16 · Posted: 12 May 2005 16:43
I always felt the TV adaptations (the early ones, with the infamous opening) were rather poor. This put me off reading the books for ages.
#17 · Posted: 13 May 2005 03:51
I saw the Tintin books first and then the TV adaptations. The movies were so badly done that I decided that it was not worth looking at the other episodes and instead remain faithful to the stories...
#18 · Posted: 21 Nov 2006 10:33
My first encounter with Tintin was "The Black Island", and like the original poster it remains my favourite book.
Shaggy Milou
#19 · Posted: 22 Nov 2006 06:57
That's a bit of a conundrum for me, I can't even remember which album I picked up first. The school library had all of them, so poring through each book during lunchtime has juts become a big mish-mash in my memory.

The only stand-out memory I have is reading sections of "The Shooting Star". Thanks to that, my impressionable seven-year-old mind, as yet unaware of irony, took the word "sober" to mean "alcoholic". But I can remember having a particular fondness for Unicorn/Red Rackham, probably because of the pirates ^^
#20 · Posted: 30 Nov 2006 16:08
Coke En Stock (Red Sea Sharks) remains my favorite to this day. My first was Objectif Lune (Destination Moon), which my father picked up because of his love of the artwork. It is gorgeous, but not my favorite.

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