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You know you're a Tintin fan when...

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#371 · Posted: 18 Feb 2017 02:00
You know you are a Tintin fan when you go crazy about the least noticeable colouring and spelling mistakes and then you realise that you know everything that the characters say before you even begin the book or get to the next frame!

I never really notice colour mistakes when reading the albums over and over again, but when I do, I make a pretty big deal out of it.
#372 · Posted: 6 Jul 2017 03:47 · Edited by: snowybella
Some more!
You know when you are a Tintin fan when...

...you miss the Egmont release of Tintin in the Congo a few years ago, regret missing it, and to make up for it you buy the black and white facsimile and read it a hundred times. Suddenly, Casterman re-releases it in English in January 2017 and then buy it on Amazon, and 2 weeks later it arrives. Because you are so desperate to read it you accidently damage the "Collector's Edition" belly-band in an attempt to get it off the book and (if you don't have any hardback Tintins) appreciate the portrait gallery and the extra-glossy paper. Suddenly, a few months later, you realise that you could have read it in French (or another language that you can understand) and therefore didn't need to wait so long to get the book (guilty).

...you buy a terrier, get a special dog-hairdresser to paint its fur white, name it Snowy (or Milou) and buy tickets on every sealiner you can find (and afford) that goes to Egypt, in the hopes of finding a mad professor looking for the tomb of Khi-Osk.

...you watch the Belvision cartoons, just to see what they are like and (probably) end up liking The Calculus Affair (guilty).

...you put the music for Tintin and the Lake of Sharks on a loop, and listen to as soon as you wake up (guilty).

...you begin copying drawings of Tintin from the books, and colour them in when you've finished them (guilty).

...you try desperately to remember which detective is Thompson or Thomson, but because for some reason your memory cannot help you remember, you end up forgetting which is which (guilty).

...you buy the new 2018 Tintin in the Land of the Soviets-themes calendar and diary, when it's either a few months away, you are already in 2018 or the year has passed and you just want to get it simply because you are a Tintin-calendar collector or wants the calendar to go with the colour Soviets (possibly guilty in a month or two's time).

...you spend at least an hour a day looking at the fantastic items on the Tintin boutique (guilty).

...you are enough of a fan to buy the facsimile of Cigars of the Pharaoh, to check the differences and get a new Tintin book in your hands (guilty).
#373 · Posted: 11 Sep 2017 15:08
I say, "Crumbs!" A long time ago I taught myself to say that instead of some rude things. Also, when things get stressful, I sometimes say to myself, "Steady on, Tintin," which I think Captain Haddock said to Tintin in "Tintin in Tibet." One of my co-workers used to sometimes call me Tintin. That's a compliment. :-)
#374 · Posted: 8 Oct 2017 08:55 · Edited by: Moderator
You know you are a Tintin fan when:
You cannot live without reading at least one Tintin book in a particular year.
You badly want to get limited edition books and posters by Hergé, but realize you are not a millionaire.
You can tell from which book a quote is taken without taking any help.
These are my opinions and these may vary with other fans.

Cheers, Shivam
#375 · Posted: 11 Oct 2017 20:53 · Edited by: idirosyncratic
Here are some of my recent Tintin fan moments:

- When you initially wonder how long the treasure expedition took in Red Rackham's Treasure and end up going through almost every story to note how long Tintin and co were away. Whilst having make assumptions over Herge's vague 'some days/weeks/months later' passing of time.

- You spend too much time debating with yourself over what the Captain's nationality is.

- You miss the moon rocket book stand that used to be in your local Waterstones bookshop (now closed).

- You have to put a comic down for a few minutes just to laugh over a running gag. Possibly the sticking plaster joke in The Calculus Affair. Possibly several times.

- Your cringy teen crush on Tintin has long gone, but now you've found yourself unfortunately charmed by Captain Haddock as an adult... *deep lamented sigh*.

- At least one music track from one adaptation will be stuck in your head for most of the day.
#376 · Posted: 2 Dec 2017 00:24 · Edited by: snowybella
...when you sometimes wish you hadn't looked at the Tintin Boutique's webpage, because you realise you want to buy the new Blue Lotus jar (for example), but you know you can't afford it...

...when you get terribly upset because the belly-band from your edition of Tintin in the Congo is slightly torn (guilty)

...when you take Tintin books everywhere on your travels (guilty)

...when you get a fit of excitement because a framed poster of Tintin in the Land of the Soviets is on TV (guilty)!

Random people in the street somehow look like characters from the books. (I saw Bianca this weekend.)

I remember being in the Tube and seeing Colonel Sponz once.
Prof Schwarzschild Calculus
#377 · Posted: 9 Mar 2018 16:10
-> Knowing this full name : Arturo Benedetto Giovanni Guiseppe Pietro Archangelo
Alfredo Cartoffoli da Milano
-> Knowing how to tell Thomson and Thompson apart
-> Knowing the meaning of Bashi-Bazouk
#378 · Posted: 30 Mar 2018 02:11
You know you're a Tintin fan when you go to many different stores to find a tan trenchcoat just like Tintin's. I'm not upset though, because it was definitely worth the search, and I can't help but wear it all the time now.

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