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Stage adaptations of “Castafiore Emerald” and “Prisoners of the Sun”?

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Moderator Emeritus
#21 · Posted: 23 Apr 2005 20:41
Regarding the filming of the French version, was it not actually meant to be in widescreen, but for some reason recorded as fullscreen ?

I certainly agree with that - it looks stretched and doesn't look proportional ... I'd put that down to the fact that it looked to me like a camcorder recording, as people's heads are sometimes in view, and at the end, after some people leave the theatre, the curtain is filmed for a while ! It could well have been a promotional version, though, as you said, Richard. I hope Pelaphus will be able to tell us more !

I changed the aspect ratio on my TV to widescreen and it looked more 'in proportion'.

I hadn't thought of that ! I must see if my TV can be adjusted ...
#22 · Posted: 24 Apr 2005 05:05
Interesting ... Word has it that videos of the musical were supposed to be (as they say in the espionage novels) "eyes only" recordings for people directly involved; recordings that were not to be duplicated. I can see how the Dutch one gets around, as it was broadcast and therefore fodder for off-air taping. But by my count, that's THREE of us who've seen the French!

I think we owe our sources confidentiality, so I'd advise we not tell "how I got to see 'em" stories in a public forum (or even privately, for that matter) ... but I am curious about one thing: are both recordings making the rounds among resourceful and persistent Tintinologists? Or are we among a privileged few?

Re the French version's aspect ratio: On my set the fullscreen view seems perfectly in proportion (multi-format VCR converting PAL to an NTSC signal for an American set).
#23 · Posted: 25 Jul 2005 22:14
Erm... Hi, I'm back!
I temporarily abandoned "Le Temple du Soleil" a while ago, having been thwarted by living across the Atlantic Ocean--well beyond the distance Amazon.fr would be willing to ship, if I have my French right (which I doubt I do)?
I'd like the actual CD of whichever version it is they are streaming on the musical's official site. Now, Amazon.fr wouldn't ship to the United States, would it?
Does anyone know any other means of locating and purchasing (legally) a recording of this fabulous show in the U.S.?
Do let me know! If you could help me find this, just think of how you're further promoting musical theatre in these uncultured United States!
UK Correspondent
#24 · Posted: 25 Jul 2005 23:49 · Edited by: Richard
Welcome Inoni ! Actually, Amazon.fr will ship to the United States. It's not exactly cheap, 9€ standard rate and an additional 1,90€ per article. The CD listed on Amazon - this one - is from the Paris production, or rather the proposed one (see earlier posts, particularly ones by Pelaphus, since he knows what he's talking about). The music streamed on the site is from the Charleroi production, sadly unavailable now, but it's worth checking eBay occasionally since it does sometimes come up for sale. If you check on our audio release guide you can see the different releases.

Anyway, back to the CD available on Amazon. It's the Paris cast production, like I said, and it's what might be considered a stripped-down version of the earlier albums, with only 13 songs instead of 18. However, it does contain the main songs, and some of these have been 'jazzed up' for want of a better phrase. It's really nicely put together though, great presentation and good sound quality.

Hope that's of help, and that you can spread the word in the US (just think - Tintin on Broadway) !
#25 · Posted: 26 Jul 2005 01:35
The aspect ratio is very important. Generally, a musical would be filmed in 16x9 (just read it as "sixteen-nine") or what a lot of people call "Academy Ratio"--what most movie screens are. Most TVs are 4x3, and when something's reformatted to fit your standard set, it tends to change the composition of the scene altogether. I'm surprised that the video wasn't left in a 16x9 widescreen format that could be viewed on regular TVs ("letterbox" format.)
#26 · Posted: 26 Jul 2005 07:42 · Edited by: jock123
Academy Ratio is actually defined as 1.37:1, which is pretty close to 1.33:1 (or 4:3), the ratio of a standard TV screen. “Wide screen“ is (in cinematography) a more fluid concept, with competeing standards over the years, ranging from 1.75:1 (slightly wide) to the extremely wide 2.75:1. 16:9 is a strange ratio for TV set manufacturers to have chosen, as very few, if any, movies are actually made in 1.78:1. A more popular ratio is 1.85:1, although Disney often animates in 1.66:1.

However, you will find that movies on DVD are often released in a ratio other than that which the movie was made, and that is sometimes made to fit the 16:9. It sounds like that jiggling about has gone on with this video, not too successfully!
UK Correspondent
#27 · Posted: 26 Jul 2005 15:06
Actually thinking about it, the French video could simply be a widescreen recording, and since my TV isn't a widescreen, it needs the aspect ratio adjusting to view properly. The Dutch video is presented in a letterbox format, as Danagasta suggested.

Pelaphus :
are both recordings making the rounds among resourceful and persistent Tintinologists? Or are we among a privileged few?

The recordings seem to be making the rounds amongst fans. There must have been someone involved with the show that passed on the recordings in the first place - and I suppose we're also considered very privileged to have seen the recordings !
#28 · Posted: 20 Aug 2005 10:11
You´ve said the recordings make the round amongst fans. Do you know where I culd get the broadcasted dutch version or the not broadcsted french recording of the show.
Trivia Challenge Score Keeper
#29 · Posted: 18 May 2006 23:35
Sorry to return to an old(ish) thread but objectiftintin.com has reported that the Temple du Soleil musical is to return to the stage next year in Rotterdam.

#30 · Posted: 14 Jun 2007 15:12
My name is Frayne McCarthy, and I was Capitaine Haddock in Charleroi. I read your post with great interest.
Edited for content
Performing in this show was a wonderful experience. It truly was first-rate!

Moderator Note: Dear Frayne, we cannot allow people to solicit for copies of pirate material on the forum, as that could lead to the site being shut down. As the show has never been available on official video, we cannot discuss methods of obtaining it in this form.
Why not speak to the company who engaged you to perform in the show, or have your agent contact them? They may be able to supply you as an artiste with a record of your work, which you no doubt could add to your C.V. or show-reel.
We are sure that members would be interested in hearing any stories you have to tell about your time in the production.
The Happy Tintinologist Team

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