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Tintin Movie Sequel: General speculation [may include spoilers!]

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Harry Hayfield
#11 · Posted: 24 Dec 2011 23:51
Perhaps that is the reasoning for it. In which case there is a very strong agrument that as the next film after may be shown in 2014 or so, then it will probably be the Moon stories (to tally with the 45th anniversary of the moon landings)
tintins mom
#12 · Posted: 25 Dec 2011 00:59 · Edited by: Admin
Do you think that they are trying to go for a story that will be more likely to appeal to Americans?

Posted: 26 Dec 2011, 02:06
They should combine The Calculus Affair with the moon story line.

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#13 · Posted: 2 Jan 2012 05:16
If they screw up Calculus Affair that will really be unforgivable. It can stand on its own.
#14 · Posted: 2 Jan 2012 07:10 · Edited by: tintinophile691
It would be interesting to see how the Bordurians are portrayed, especially considering Spielberg's connection to the Holocaust.

Last-minute edit: That is, if they aren't going to be written out in the film like drug smuggling in the previous one!
#15 · Posted: 2 Jan 2012 18:52 · Edited by: rose_of_pollux
Aww, I would've liked the Inca duology as the second movie, but Calculus Affair... Hmm, that has potential, it does. But it's only one book; either it will have to be combined with another (maybe with trying to find the rest of the treasure?) or have quite a lot of expansions.

(And I'm eagerly awaiting to see how Spielberg will expand the sequel; Unicorn has definitely left me wanting more!)
tintins mom
#16 · Posted: 3 Jan 2012 08:37
I don't like the idea of combining it with the rest of the treasure. However, finding the rest of the treasure would be a good opening sequence to introduce Calculus. I will repeat what I said before, they should combine it with the moon story line.
#17 · Posted: 3 Jan 2012 11:14 · Edited by: tintinagalog
Hello, Admins and Members, I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!!! It's quite a very long time since I had not posted anything here on 2008 or 2009!

So, about the changes? No, I think there'll be no King Ottokar's Sceptre on the way because the news of "Boy Reporter Returned the Sceptre" was published already. I still have a hunch that The Calculus Affair will be the carrier title of Tintin II, but some books will be mashed again. In my opinion based on my silly illusions, Tintin II might turn out this way:

Opening: 'silhouetted Calculus' mysteriously working at his dim-lighted lab for his latest inventions, the shark submersible and the ultrasonics which was set before Castafiore's performance.

1. Red Rackham's Treasure, for Calculus to promote his shark submersible to Tintin and Haddock.

2. Then, the trip from Marlinspike to the place where Unicorn sank would be resumed, but they wouldn't find the tons of treasure (CALCULUS: According to my pendulum, we should be heading further west. To the west). That's the final clue left, remember? It is a must to bring this scenario on screen for continuity's sake.

3. On the island, Calculus would find Rascar Capac's bracelet. He might think that bracelet was a loosen piece from the treasure.

4. They (enemies, of course) would kidnap Calculus and brought him to Alfredo Topolino (another antagonist in red suit) at Nyon, Switzerland to surrender the plans of the ultrasonic device used at Castafiore's Concert at Bagghar (as if Topolino witnessed the glass crash there). Remember, Topolino had a connection to Boris, a Bordurian.

5. Colonel Jorgen might appear, too, being one of the Bordurian agents as pre-requisite of the Moon Adventure. Calculus would resist, so the only choice enemies would have to take is to take the professor to Borduria for one of these possibilities: put him to jail and be tortured there, or to force him to work for Borduria.

6. At the Bordurian Embassy, some Incas (instead of Syldavians, because Syldavia is an ally of Tintin, right?) and our heroes Tintin, Haddock and Snowy would join the riot in winning about Calculus. Incas would pull away Calculus and bring the victim to Jauga, Peru.

7. Tintin, Haddock and Snowy would reach Jauga where they could strike two birds with one stone: saving Professor Calculus and retrieving the rest of the treasure as seen on the last page of Prisoners of the Sun.

Again, these are just my opinions only, not spoiler, because I am not connected nor working with them. I still believe Spielberg, Jackson, and the new screenwriter know more how to make Tintin movie better. All we really have to do is... anticipate!
#18 · Posted: 3 Jan 2012 12:40
to be honest, I think, having seen the results of combining stories in Secret of the Unicorn, they should certainly NOT combine Calculus Affair with anything. Although if necessary I think the moon stories would fit best, but even then, the storylines wouldn't really work cos they'd have to only focus on one ending which would mean the bulk of the other story would have to be cut, as they did with the drug-smuggling in Crab, and the actual treasure hunt in Red Rackham's Treasure.
#19 · Posted: 3 Jan 2012 15:28
It seems that when Tintin and Haddock find the treasure in the first film, it is only a portion, a taster, and they must seek out the wreck itself in order to get the rest. That is where Calculus comes in for the sequel.

Maybe there'll be yet another mish-mash of plots: Tintin and Haddock are (unlike in the book) very interested in Calculus' sub from the start, but so are some villains who kidnap him - thus leading to a "Calculus Affair"-like pursuit across Europe (though I think that that would work better if it was part of a Moon-based plot).
#20 · Posted: 4 Jan 2012 18:06
They totally set it up for Red Rackham's Treasure.

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