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Golden Fleece & Blue Oranges: BFI DVD Releases

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#11 · Posted: 17 Sep 2010 21:00 · Edited by: jock123
Ah, that’s interesting! I don’t know about Chris or John, but I’d not been aware that there was a Press Release out yet myself, so the mention of our participation is nice to see.
It has to be said that none of us has yet seen the prints to be used, but by all accounts the BFI are going out of their way to treat these as important releases, and to give them the best possible treatment.

I’ve also noticed that the DVDs have started to be listed on on-line retailers’ sites, and that you should be able to find them for less than the mentioned R.R.P.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Have now had a message from the BFI press-officer, which advises us that the previous press release had a major error in it:
“I have discovered that the press release that went out initially, mistakenly says that both films have an English language dub track. As you will probably know, Tintin and the Mystery of the Golden Fleece has an optional English language dub track but Tintin and the Blue Oranges does not”.

So sub-titles only on Blue Oranges, I’m afraid.

Here is the amended release:

BFI releases two rare Tintin adventure films on DVD
on 18 October

This autumn the BFI adds to its range of family DVDs with the release of two rarely seen and previously unreleased live-action films starring Hergé’s intrepid boy reporter Tintin.

Remastered to High Definition, Tintin and the Mystery of the Golden Fleece (1961) and Tintin and the Blue Oranges (1964) are both released on DVD on 18 October.

Shot on location with a flair that makes them look like James Bond films for kids, these live-action adventures will appeal to Tintin fans young and old. Both titles are beautifully packaged, featuring original artwork adapted from original film posters.

Each release contains an illustrated booklet. Contributions include the first ever English translation of extracts from Tintin actor Jean-Pierre Talbot’s autobiography J'étais Tintin au cinema; fact-filled essays from Tintinologists Simon Doyle and Christian Owens and essays by Vic Pratt, Curator at the BFI National Archive and John Fardell, Viz comic artist and children's author.

The Adventures of Tintin comic strip stories are amongst the most popular and successful comic books ever written, published in over 50 languages and selling millions of copies. Tintin’s enduring appeal will receive a boost next year with Steven Spielberg’s big-screen release of The Secret of the Unicorn, with a screenplay by Edgar Wright and Joe Cornish.

Tintin and the Mystery of the Golden Fleece (Jean-Jacques Vierne, 1961)
(Tintin et le mystère de la toison d’or)

One of the very few adaptations to meet with Tintin creator Hergé’s approval, Tintin and the Mystery of the Golden Fleece is a spirited live-action take on his iconic comic creation and features all his best-loved characters. As well as uncanny Tintin-alike Jean-Pierre Talbot’s martial arts skills and the larger-than-life Georges Wilson as Captain Haddock, the film features the talents of other established character actors including Marcel Bozzuffi (The French Connection) and Charles Vanel, famed for having the longest career of any film actor (Henri-Georges Clouzot's Les Diaboliques, The Wages of Fear and La Verité and Hitchcock's To Catch a Thief).

A surprise message from Istanbul is about to ruin Captain Haddock’s day. Named as sole beneficiary in the will of his late comrade Paparanic, Haddock and his best friend Tintin, journey to Turkey to claim a strangely disappointing bounty – but is all as it seems? Aided by their friends, the eccentric Professor Calculus and faithful Snowy the dog, Tintin and Haddock set out to solve the mystery of Paparanic’s bequest – a rusty old ship called the Golden Fleece. Along the way they confront slippery lawyers, ex-pirates, dangerous gangsters and the bumbling Thom(p)son detectives in an action-packed journey that takes them from Turkey to Greece.

Special features
• New High Definition transfer
• Rare optional English language dub of feature
• New and improved subtitles
• Illustrated 30-page booklet with newly commissioned essays by Tintin expert Simon Doyle and BFI Curator Vic Pratt as well as extracts from actor Jean-Pierre Talbot’s autobiography J’étais Tintin au cinéma

Tintin and the Blue Oranges (Philippe Condroyer, 1964)
(Tintin et les oranges bleues)

Professor Calculus’ dreams of ending world hunger are brought one step closer by the creation of a desert-proof orange, deep blue in colour. But it seems he’s not the only one interested in this magnificent scientific discovery. When the strange blue orange – invented by Spanish Professor Zalamea – is stolen Tintin, Captain Haddock, Calculus and Snowy the dog make for Spain to investigate. In a riotous adventure Tintin and friends must overcome violent kidnappers, deadly traps and unscrupulous rich adventurers to rescue the orange and themselves. With help from a gang of enterprising kids and big-hearted opera menace Bianca Castifiore can Tintin save the day?

Jean-Pierre Talbot, who became a life-long friend of Tintin creator Hergé, plays the boy-reporter for the second time in this wonderful live-action adventure and is well-supported by Jean Bouise’s (Le grand bleu) excellent comic performance as the irrepressible Captain Haddock.

Adapted by Asterix creator René Goscinny this lively adventure is another must for Tintin fans.

Special features
• New High Definition transfer
• New and improved subtitles
• Illustrated 26-page booklet with newly commissioned essays by Tintin expert Christian Owens, Viz artist John Fardell and BFI Curator Vic Pratt as well as extracts from actor Jean-Pierre Talbot’s autobiography J’étais Tintin au cinéma

Each title has an RRP of £17.99.

Technical details

Tintin and the Mystery of the Golden Fleece Cat no: BFIV902 / France / 1961 / Cert PG / colour / French language, with English subtitles and optional English audio / 98 mins / DVD9 / Original aspect ratio 1.66:1 / Dolby Digital dual mono (320 kbps)

Tintin and the Blue Oranges Cat no: BFIV903 / France, Spain / 1964 / Cert U / colour / French language, with English subtitles / 98 mins / DVD9 / Original aspect ratio 1.66:1 / Dolby Digital dual mono (320 kbps)

About the BFI
The BFI is the nation's cultural organisation for film, keeping the breadth of voices in moving image culture alive and known. Through its venues, festivals, film releases and online, the BFI inspires people to understand and enjoy film culture, ensuring that everyone in the UK can see the broadest range and choice of films, otherwise not provided by commercial cinema. The BFI reaches an audience of over 7.5 million in the UK every year.

#12 · Posted: 18 Sep 2010 09:49
OK, there's no new English dub on the Blue Oranges DVD. But with your BFI contacts, Jock123, can you find out whether the BFI created an English dub?
#13 · Posted: 18 Sep 2010 10:09
can you find out whether the BFI created an English dub?

No, sadly, they didn’t - it was purely an editorial error in producing the press-release.
Rianna Lauren
#14 · Posted: 18 Sep 2010 17:12
Why didn't they make English dubs for both? Was there some kind of certain condition that creates an exception? ._.
#15 · Posted: 18 Sep 2010 22:34 · Edited by: jock123
Rianna Lauren:
Why didn't they make English dubs for both?

Well, we don’t know that they (by which we mean the film’s original distributor) didn’t - it’s just that if they did, nobody seems to have it any more…

Fortunately for us fans, the BFI inherited a copy of The Golden Fleece from the BBC, more or less by accident, because it just arrived unexpectedly in a batch of films the BBC were passing on to them. It was already dubbed into English when they got it, they didn’t add this.

It could be that the Blue Oranges had been given the same treatment, but the BBC never had it, and in spite of much diligent research and investigation by Vic (our very own The Poet Zloty here on the forums) and his colleagues at the BFI, they haven’t managed to locate a copy, or they most certainly would have included it in the release.
#16 · Posted: 21 Sep 2010 17:28
Cheapest copy I have seen online
#17 · Posted: 21 Sep 2010 17:41 · Edited by: jock123
cheapest copy i have seen online

Hmmm… not looked very far then?

Sorry, just teasing… ;-)

It’s also £11.99 at Play.com, and only £10.99 at Amazon.co.uk and HMV.com (all p&p free to the U.K.) - I think that is probably the sort of price point you’ll be able to buy it at generally. Anybody seen it advertised more cheaply?
#18 · Posted: 21 Sep 2010 19:14
oh heck that is that page unbookmarked cheers
#19 · Posted: 23 Sep 2010 12:57 · Edited by: jock123

No problem!

At the other extreme: somebody on eBay trying to take advanced orders for the as-yet-unreleased Blue Oranges DVD, for a whopping £28.45 (admittedly with free p&p)!
Whether this is opportunism or just optimism I know not, but I think there are better deals to be had!
#20 · Posted: 23 Sep 2010 19:20
I'm really looking forward to getting these. One of my very earliest Tintin memories is picking up and reading quite possibly the two most moth eaten copies of the accompanying books in existence at our school library c1974. These will roll back the years I'm sure.

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