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Golden Fleece & Blue Oranges: BFI DVD Releases

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Tintins Quiff
#41 · Posted: 12 Jan 2012 17:26
Haven't seen this mentioned in this thread as of yet, but there are actually two BFI releases of Golden Fleece to buy. One has a yellow/black cover and contains the English dubbed version only. If you want both the French subs and English dub of the film, go for the DVD with the blue cover. I bought the yellow/black edition online, and have re-bought as I wanted the original language also. Hope this helps any potential buyers

Moderator Note: Member Richard actually mentioned it in another thread last November, although as you said it hadn’t made it into this one… 
The Happy Tintinologist Team
#42 · Posted: 12 Jan 2012 17:47
Thanks for the tip-off, Tintins Quiff. I'd noticed there was a new DVD cover when buying The Golden Fleece for a nephew's Christmas present, but hadn't realised that this was a different edition, with the English dub soundtrack only. However, given he's eight years old, I think this is the only version he's likely to want to watch anyway, so no harm done in that case!

But useful info for anyone who'd prefer watching it in the original French with subtitles.
Tintins Quiff
#43 · Posted: 12 Jan 2012 18:17
Yes, some sites aren't very clear with dvd details, so I wanted to give out this information for others. I usually prefer films in their original language (as a fan of anime and world movies) but I thought Golden Fleece had a very enjoyable dub!
#44 · Posted: 5 May 2013 23:53 · Edited by: jock123
does anyone know if he did his own stunts?

I realise that this is coming a little after the fact, but given that the movie is on T.V. tomorrow, I was looking back at the existing discussion... The answer is (perhaps surprisingly) - yes! He was very fit, knew some martial arts, was a strong swimmer, and generally was pretty much a real-life Tintin, so Jean-Pierre Talbot did what you see on screen!
Maybe he did a few, but I doubt that the film makers would let him climb down all the Rumelishe Tower, in Turkey.

I agree it's surprising, but he actually did the climb, without a safety harness or any means of support other than the rope shown on screen, and wasn't doubled.
He made it unscathed, and was presented with a medal by the keepers of the castle as a memento of his unorthodox descent!
#45 · Posted: 29 Mar 2014 21:23
Just a quick mention to U.K. members of a pretty good deal currently available: MovieMail.com are listing the DVD of Tintin and the Mystery of The Golden Fleece for £6.99! - with the soundtrack options and the booklet, this is actually less than the price at which they are selling the no-booklet-English-only version! If you haven't got it yet, this might be the time to add it to your collection.
They also have Tintin and the Blue Oranges for &8.99.

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