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“Thématique Tintin”: Documentary film?

Moderator Emeritus
#1 · Posted: 1 Nov 2004 19:14 · Edited by: tintinuk
I've just found this picture of a Tintin documentary video, entitled Thématique Tintin.

Does anyone know anything about it ?

Is it a video release of Moi, Tintin?
Belgium Correspondent
#2 · Posted: 1 Nov 2004 22:01
This let me think to a tv progamme dedicated to Herge and Tintin on the Belgian French Television(RTBF)or/and ARTE. Among other subjects, there was something about Tintin and the cinema. Benoit Peeters was asking questions to various people who had made(inclusive cartoons or animations-films) or had intentions to make films with Tintin.
#3 · Posted: 2 Nov 2004 19:48
It's a long, long, long (!!!) documentary (more than 270 minutes) in 7 parts (the names in French: Le phénomène Tintin, Moulinsart Hollywood, le siècle de Tintin, le secret de la ligne claire, le tibet retrouvé, le fétiche et l'inconoclaste and Monsieur Hergé).

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