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"Unicorn" Movie: Peter Jackson Message on Facebook

#1 · Posted: 28 May 2011 10:25
Peter Jackson posted a message on Facebook last week about his work on the movie with Steven Spielberg, and his love of the albums.

It's worth checking out.
#2 · Posted: 2 Jun 2011 12:38
Thanks for drawing our attention to this Jock. It's a very interesting read, and sheds some light on the way the motion capture process works. In my ignorance, I'd been imagining that at the filming stage, all Spielberg would have been able to see would be the actors in their wired-up motion-capture suits, with all the CGI rendering coming later on in the process. But from this article, it seems he could see the actors in their CGI Tintin rendered versions, within the CGI Tintin-world sets, on screen as he was actually filming them.

I say "filming", though whilst reading the article it becomes clear that with the camera in the process is entirely virtual, enabling any amount of high-shots and tracking shots etc to be created without any actual camera cranes, tracks, etc being involved. Maybe all this was obvious to people who've watched documentaries on the making of other motion capture movies, but it was all interesting stuff to me.

And very interesting to read Jackson's admiration for the way Spielberg was controlling the virtual camera himself throughout, bringing his skills as a live-action cameraman and director to the new technology. I guess it stresses that even digital tools as advanced as this are, like any tools, only as good as the craftsman using them.

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