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Ellipse-Nelvana: Series on internet video services

#1 · Posted: 5 Feb 2012 03:02
You can buy episodes of the Ellipse-Nelvana cartoon series on Amazon Instant Video but they only have the first season available.

Does anyone know if the second and third season will be made available eventually?

Those were some of my favorite episodes :)
Captain Chester
#2 · Posted: 8 Mar 2012 09:23
The second season is on Nexflix; you might want to look there if you have a subscription. I don't know when it will be available on Amazon, though.

#3 · Posted: 8 Mar 2012 21:10
Many thanks! I'll try Netflix :)
#4 · Posted: 10 Mar 2012 04:36
I was looking in Netflix and I saw Tintin. What do you think about it?
#5 · Posted: 10 Mar 2012 17:28
I don't have a membership but I can do a one month free trial and see how I like it. It looks pretty good though :)

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