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The One Hundred Greatest Cartoons

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Harrock n roll
#11 · Posted: 10 Jan 2005 12:27 · Edited by: Harrock n roll
And I voted to include “Gertie”, so let’s see what influence we have!

Is there an obvious place to do that or did you just use the C4 contact form?

I also wondered why “Bagpuss” and “The Clangers” are missing - but “Ivor The Engine” is definitely there.


Apologies, I just realised that when you vote you are allowed 5 suggestions afterwards.
#12 · Posted: 10 Jan 2005 13:56
Harrock n roll corrected (but gently):
“Ivor The Engine” is definitely there.

I apologise unreservedly to C4 for impugning their reputation; I must have mis-read the list (the tears of frustration made it hard to see...).
(No “Mr. Rossi” (Possibly the jauntiest theme tune ever)? No “Mr. Benn”?? No “Mister Men”??? No “The Impossibles” - okay I may be the last man alive to remember “The Impossibles”, but that and “Buzz Conroy and Frankenstein Jr.” were staples of the scant half-hour of Saturday morning TV we got as I was growing up...)
#13 · Posted: 11 Jan 2005 03:24
No Transformers either... well now I know how important my youth is to them! ;)

A later series which I really enjoyed too was MTV's Downtown if any of you saw it. Quite creative.
Harrock n roll
#14 · Posted: 11 Jan 2005 11:36
It just occured to me that C4 have already conducted a “100 greatest kids TV shows”, the results can be seen here. Perhaps they should have been a bit more specific in the first place - greatest animated films, greatest animated TV shows (UK & US) - to avoid all the repetition. I expect the Simpsons to win it again...
#15 · Posted: 11 Jan 2005 12:33
Odd that “Bagpuss” and “Mr. Benn” made it into the children’s list, but not the animation one, and “The Simpsons” isn’t even a children’s show and won...

Still, I suspect that the repetition is to ease the copy-and-paste of clips and comments from the zed-list celebs from one show to another... I expect that they will soon do a show of “100 Greatest Gabbling Non-Entities Who Pop Up On List Programmes” (vote for Stewart Maconie; Lisa I’Anson; Stewart Maconie; Keith Chegwin; Stewart Maconie...)
#16 · Posted: 12 Jan 2005 18:55
I agree that although the albums are sublime, the two animated series don't cut the mustard...

If we were talking 100 Best Cartoon BOOKS or CHARACTERS, that would be another thing again.
#17 · Posted: 13 Jan 2005 23:14
“Best” is such a vague term anyway, that it is impossible to say what aspects will be judged.

The BelVision series was completely unmissable for me as a wee boy - actually it was Tintin for me, as I couldn’t read! - and again when I got slightly older, and watched it during the school holidays, so it is special to me, and I might sentimentally vote it into a top 10, while I can see its limitations.

Yet something like “Spirited Away” gets huge plaudits from critics and pundits alike, but I found it un-involving, confusing, crudely drawn, jerkily animated (to my eyes), and wouldn’t put it in a top 100, let alone a top 10.
#18 · Posted: 14 Jan 2005 03:13
Speaking of animated movies, can anybody help me?

Around 15 years ago I saw a French animation movie and never knew what the title was. The story was about a rescue team searching for a lost boy throughout the galaxy. The boy's homeplanet was invaded by aliens and he was the only survivor. The rescue team received a SOS signal and they went to search the boy. Desperated to find the boy, the rescue team landed on a planet and met an old man. This old man had a platinum mark on his head. He said that he had a surgery when he was very little and didn't remember where, when and why he was operated.

The search went on, with aid from this old man. Later the rescue team discovered that this old man was in fact the boy they were looking for. When the planet was invaded and the boy was injured in the head, he was rescued by another alien race and that's how he got that surgery. The boy was sent to the past, got his memory erased, and that's how he got old now.

Does anybody know the title of theis French animation movie? I guess this movie was not necessarily produced in 1989/90. Perhaps it was made long before that.

Thx for any help in advance.

#19 · Posted: 14 Jan 2005 03:37
I'm not comfortable with the nominations either. But it might be subjective. However I noticed this Greatest program is questionable in many ways: 1) Genre variety 2) Format (full length, TV series, or video-only) 3) year production period 4) The nomination list.

Well I did submit my top 10, which included Tintin (although the animation series were not that good, compared to the comicbooks). I also suggested 5 Japanese contemporary animation. I highly recommend these for those who are interested in the-not-typical anime. Most of them have mature story, so it won't be appropriate for children. The animation movies are: Jin-Roh, Perfect Blue, Tokyo Godfathers, Millenium Actress, and Grave of the Fireflies. These are not in the same vein as Princess Mononoke or Spirited Away. You have my word =). They're all avail in DVD region 1.
#20 · Posted: 14 Jan 2005 04:45
dont forget Triplets of belleville...

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