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Mr Boullock
#1 · Posted: 20 Mar 2015 02:22 · Edited by: Moderator
Hello all,

I am looking for two adaptations of Tintin to the stage

A video recording of the French version of Tintin: Le temple du soleil / Prisoner of the Sun which was produced in Charleroi in 2002 and Hergé's Adventures of Tintin which was produced in London in 2005-2006.

My interest is purely academic as I am studying stage adaptations of the Adventures of Tintin to the stage as part of my Master's thesis

On another note, I am also looking for any resource on Hergé's aesthetics of the "clear line"

Any help would be much appreciated


Moderator Note: Hi, and welcome to the forums. To keep the right side of copyright, please don't ask members to provide copies of material, or information on where to find such - neither show has been released officially, so any tapes would be bootleg. If tapes of these shows exist, and you have a genuine academic reason to see them, you should approach the theatre companies which mounted the shows and ask them directly.

As to your second question, there are several threads on clear line techniques and how Hergé used them (although certainly worth bearing in mind is the fact that the term was applied to his art retrospectively by Joost Swart, and was not a term Hergé used of his own work - indeed, the attributes which Swart enumerated as being key to the style are often lacking or missing from Hergé's art), so doing a forum search is the place to start.

The Tintinologist Team
#2 · Posted: 22 Mar 2015 03:03 · Edited by: Moderator
Mr. Boullock, wishing you all the best.
Will you be concentrating on the stage adaptations of the popular albums, or researching the original stage plays, Monsieur Boullock à Disparu, and Tintin aux Indes - Le Mystére du Diamant Bleu?
Judging from your name - Mr. Boullock - I feel that it's going to be a treatise on all stage works, be they adaptations or original works.

Once again, wishing you all the best!
Mr Boullock
#3 · Posted: 25 Aug 2016 19:55
I am proud to say that my research on the adaptation of Tintin to the stage is complete.

I do mention Monsieur Boullock à Disparu and Tintin aux Indes - Le Mystére du Diamant Bleu in my thesis as well as the 1987 production of Coup de Crayon.

But because of the lack of information surrounding these plays plays, I couldn't do a full analysis of them.

The research centers around:

Tintin et l'Île Noire which was produced in Gatineau, Quebec in 1983,

A 2011 representation of Les Bijoux de la Castafiore, which was done by Am Srtam Gram theatre in Geneva,

Kuifje de Zonnetempel from Musical Dreams, produced in Rotterdam in 2007,

Hergé's Adventures of Tintin, produced by Young Vic in London in 2005

The thesis is in French. If anyone is interested in reading it, it can be found online.

Tintin au théâtre, des aventures en adaptation

#4 · Posted: 10 Sep 2016 04:23 · Edited by: Moderator
Very interesting. I wonder whether you can publish an English translation of the same - for those who don't speak French?

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