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Tintin et Moi: Touring the UK 2005

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UK Correspondent
#21 · Posted: 12 May 2005 17:05
From the Wikipedia article on "Tintin et Moi" :
The film is based around Numa Sadoul's revealing interviews with Hergé from the 1970s, and goes into detail about Hergé's life and how Tintin affected it.

The film is based strongly around Hergé's experiences and state of mental health leading up to the writing of Tintin in Tibet, often heralded as Hergé's most personal album. The history of Tintin is examined through Hergé's life and the way that he was affected by the growing popularity of his character.

The underlying theme of the film would appear to be the way that Hergé's, or rather Georges Remi's, private life affected his work—for example, Bianca Castafiore is an unconscious (or perhaps conscious) reflection of Georges' first wife, Germaine, and the way that Captain Haddock responds to her reflects the way Georges often felt towards his wife—specifically, the mothering instinct that Germaine had toward him is shown most explicitly in The Castafiore Emerald. The subject of religion is also discussed, including Georges' gradual disillusioned view of the Catholic church, and the opposition he came up against due to Wolff's sacrifice in Explorers on the Moon. The influence of Chang on Georges' work is also highlighted, using reconstructed footage and actual archive footage of their meeting in 1981.

Hope that's of some help !
#22 · Posted: 12 May 2005 18:13
from the Danish film institute:

"It was a minor sensation when Danish director Anders Ostergaard was given access to the Tintin archive in Brussels. Now he has made an ambitious documentary, Tintin et Moi, that delves into Tintin's subconscious and explores the correlation between the comic strip and creator Herge's psyche."

from: http://www.dfi.dk/sitemod/moduler/index_english.asp?pid=12410

"...won 2nd Prize for Best Documentary at Creation Europeen in France"

from: http://asef.on2web.com/subSite/seaimages/TheadventureofoSTERGAARDinthecomicland.htm

"<Tintin and me> is the latest tribute to Herge in movie. The European release of the Danish filmmaker ANDERS OSTERGAARD's documentary film was nominated for the Nordic Film Prize at Goteborg. It deserves to be acclaimed for various reasons. The film has been released on Tintin's 75th birthday year, which shall be the occasion for many celebrations in Europe and throughout the world. ANDERS OSTERGAARD's movie, as well as the various Tintin's celebrations, constitute two interesting opportunities to approach the subject of the cinematographic adaptation of this outstanding contemporary character..."

from: http://www.tintinologist.org/news/2004.html

"...received Honourable Mention in Best International Documentary (Feature) at this year's Hot docs, the Canadian International Documentary Festival"

It probably has received numerous other awards along the way...

I think it's a remarkable film. Again, this is 75 minutes long, in French with (at least) English subtitles.

see also: http://www.tintinologist.org/forums/index.php?action=vthread&forum=7&topic=85
#23 · Posted: 25 May 2005 07:57 · Edited by: Moderator
It arrived today! Hooray! I just received the DVDs I ordered from one of the UK sellers, and by all accounts, it looks like the real thing! Course, you must always beware when it comes to this type of product; a good first indicator is the white DVD case (a black case could be a good clue it might be a copy). I don't know what the numbered 1/5000 limited edition sticker looked like, but I'd be curious to see a scan of the DVD back cover art to compare, if anyone could email it to me. To clarify, it is a PAL ONLY disc, though it is NOT REGION CODED <oops - correction posted below>. It is in FRENCH and ONLY subtitled in ENGLISH (or no subtitles), and there are no additional features on the disk, though the disk itself is one giant additional feature if you ask me! : ) From what I heard, the seller indicated he had only 'limited stock'. You might also notice one of the sellers in Beligium actually bought his DVDs from a UK seller, and is slowly selling them off on ebay.fr at higher prices. Regardless whether this is end-stock or the re-issue, it does jive with the official word I heard directly from Angel Films and Moulinsart, and we'll probably be seeing it more and more, perhaps even retail, and maybe even in North America (though I'm not holding my breath on that one...)

CORRECTION: it most certainly IS REGION 2 coded; I forgot I switch my drive recently and haven't switched back to Region 1. Also a quick way to confirm the authenticity of the discs; flip the disc upsidedown and see if it has Anchor Bay Ent Inc etc printed around the inside of the disc; all mine do.

[Merged two consecutive posts - Moderator]
#24 · Posted: 30 Jun 2005 13:18
forgot it being on tv i want the dvd
UK Correspondent
#25 · Posted: 30 Jun 2005 14:57
If you visit eBay.co.uk and search for "Tintin Moi DVD" you should come up with about twenty results. We're not sure whether they're genuine or not, but the question of the legality was brought up here a while back. If you're only interested in seeing the film, though, then they should be able to fit the bill quite nicely.
#26 · Posted: 22 Jan 2018 19:52
I paid £20 for this in HMV when it first came out.I have seen it in some places knocking around now for £1-£3.

To my knowledge is this the only Tintin Documentary to get a UK release?.

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