Hergé's Cameo Appearances / Blond Man Spotting

List first created: January 2000; last updated: 23 Jan 2008

Land of Black Gold

Land of Black Gold screenshot

(03:00) Hergé in overalls watches Thomson and Thompson board The Speedol Star.

[ No screenshot available ]

Hergé also appears in the scene where Tintin is in Müller's palace, and he is in the room with fireworks, the fireworks go off. When the scene switches to outside, as the startled villager's look up to the palace, Hergé' is there, wearing an Arabian costume.

Destination Moon


(06:00) Hergé now an employee working on the scale model XFLR6, is standing on the top level of the scaffolding. The image of Hergé in this picture is very small, but he is easily recognisable by his long nose and blond hair.

Explorers on the Moon


(17:00) Hergé is in the control room when the rocket lands on the moon. There is also another shot of Hergé about 2 minutes after this one when Tintin sets foot on the moon.


(40:00) Hergé enters the rocket with Baxter and another employee to save Tintin and company.

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