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Alph-Art: Who is Endaddine Akass?

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Mikael Uhlin
#31 · Posted: 8 Dec 2004 21:55
Jyrki, you're right. Also, if I remember correctly, Tintin and Rastapopoulos never even meet each other eye to eye in "Red Sea Sharks" (but they do meet in "Lake of Sharks").

Something that speaks in the favour of Rastapopoulos being Akass is the sect-bit; the sect of Akass' could be a development of the Kih-Oskh-sect in "Cigars".
#32 · Posted: 15 Dec 2004 18:30
I was doing some research and found that Endadine Akass was inspired by Fernand Legros - the "great" forger of art. Legros had a place in Ibiza, while in Alph-Art Akass has an estate in Ischia (Ischia seems inspired from Ibiza).

I read that Ramo Nash was inspired by Elmyr De Hory, another forger.
You can read the whole story of Elmyr De Hory and Fernand Legros here:
Link removed as no longer working 01/09/2015

The locket Akass is wearing might give clue to his identity. You can make an F and an L which could mean Fernand Legros.
It also shows an E mirrored, maybe meaning Endaddine.
You can also make an I , a T and an H - this Alph-Art intrigues me more ;)

Moderator Note: Just to clarify one point above, while Ischia may be where Akass has his estate, it isn't "inspired" by Ibiza, it is a real place, in the Tyrrhenian Sea, at the northern end of the Gulf of Naples.
#33 · Posted: 18 Dec 2004 02:30
Something very interesting and clever about Legros for those who haven't read the Tintin: Pocket Essentials book:

"...When asked by US customs what was in his luggage, he claimed that the paintings were copies.
US customs would then call upon art experts to determine if Legros was trying to cheat them , and driven by such suspicions, these specialists concluded that these paintings were genuine.
Legros would pay the fine, and then was able to show his customers an official customs document proving the authenticity of the works he was selling!"

Sounds like the plot to the next Bond film...!
Mull Pascha
#34 · Posted: 6 Feb 2005 10:47
What about Mitsuhirato? Sure he commited suicide but he could have faked it. As for the nose, he could have gone through plastic-surgery or maybe he's wearing a fake nose?
Akass and Mitsuhirato are equally ruthless and all too eager to kill everyone who gets in their way, and Mitshuirato knew how to manipulate people - just like Akass.
#35 · Posted: 7 Aug 2005 04:30
There are so many candidates! It could be anyone. He even looks a bit like Jolyon Wagg!

Puschov? (he seems to have same 'style')

Bobby Smiles? (that would be wierd!)

Rastapopoulos's brother? (hence Tintin thinking he recognizes his voice because it sounds like Rasta)

*Note: in the Hergé unfinished version, Rastapopoulos does not say "At last I have beaten you" this is only in Rodier's version (which is not very good).

All of 'which' relates to 'indians'* and unseen spatiotemporal faults* which point to 'anomolous' rebus which Hergé left behind 'in order*' that "we should 'see' what we can see", etc, 'and' all* corresponds in the corpus-code of the 'internal-logic-workings'* of 'the' unseen rebus etc etc

No sorry, scratch that... that was complete twaddle (the rebus stuff lol)
#36 · Posted: 7 Aug 2005 14:48
I don't know who Akass could have been, but he is so different all the other villains, Rastapopoulos and Muller included. We know that Rastapopoulos likes to take on aliases, but he also goes out for things that bring in lots of money, and magic shows do not bring much profit. Muller never had much interest in art. Anyway, Rastapopoulos had been abducted from the Earth by the aliens in "Flight 714".

It could have been one of the Bird Brothers, with the dark-haried member being the best candidate. Being in hiding for many years could make someone change quiet a bit, not to mention going through lots of plastic surgery (here's a really, really big stretch: the fakir with the poisoned darts helped with the transform). After all, they did manage to escape from prison.

As for the Raelians, I noted that the star Akass was wearing closely resembled the cult's star. Interesting...
#37 · Posted: 8 Aug 2005 13:42
There is a study about Akass's identity on a site I can't remember, except it sounds like 'tintinforever', in Moliere's language...

This study starts by listing 15 villains, then sets aside:
- the dead ones - but who knows, in Herge's unique world made of duplications?...
- the pre-Lotus ones, as the first albums were reportedly less serious for Herge...
- the non-rounded nose ones, which sounds correct provided they never underwent any nasal surgery...
- the financial and military ones, for quite prejudicial reasons, imho...

In the end only Rasta, Puschov (Wronzoff in the original edition) and Omar Ben Salad are left...

As Tintin doesn't recognize Akass's voice readily, the study infers Tintin hasn't met him since a long time, hence Rasta (Flight 714) is set aside...
For unexplained reasons, Puschov (The Black Island) is also set aside...

They conclude Akass is most likely Omar (The Crab with the Golden Claws)...

A nicely illustrated and interesting Tintin study, not very logical though, imho...

that was complete twaddle (the rebus stuff lol)

Margaritas ante...?
The problem is that the prerequisites are such that they seem redhibitory, as the Tintinologist shouldn't just be deeply interested in Herge's life & in Tintin, but also in childhood's secrets, foreign languages, and rebuses, to start with...

Not to mention the forum's rules...
#38 · Posted: 8 Aug 2005 20:10
Yeah... sorry about that. Was teasing you a bit. Hope you didn't get annoyed. It was funny though!
#39 · Posted: 9 Aug 2005 04:08
Omar ben Salaad is a tough call, since we don't know his interests (we do have info on the Bird Brothers, though).

One could also argue that since Tintin has also not seen the Bird Brothers for a very long time that if they talked, their voice wouldn't be recognized, either.

At least Rastapopoulos is still eliminated...
John Sewell
#40 · Posted: 14 Aug 2005 18:56
snafu said: We know that Rastapopoulos likes to take on aliases, but he also goes out for things that bring in lots of money, and magic shows do not bring much profit.

I reckon that (still assuming that Akass and ol' Bignose are one and the same) may have been answered if we'd got to see more of the Ischia part of the story. There are quite a few wealthy people at Akass' villa such as Castafiore and the Emir, as well as the likes of Trickler and Gibbons, who as businessmen presumably aren't short of a few quid.

Posing as a bogus mystic would be an ideal way of relieving these willing disciples of their money - they must be paying (or "donating") through the nose to get some exclusive, private tuition from their guru. There would also be a knock-on effect in that the publicity of being connected to the rich and famous might attract a large number of gullible "normal" people, such as Martine. In the real world, the Mahirishi Mahesh Yogi made great capital out of his connection with the Beatles, even after Lennon got wise and wrote "Sexy Sadie" about him!

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