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Idea for Tintin poster

#1 · Posted: 2 Jan 2007 16:16
Recently I scanned in the four pages of pictures you find inside the hardcover editions, joined them into one picture, and then coloured them in, like we all did as kids.

I painstakingly chose each colour after consulting the relevant volume, and put at least a couple of hundred hours into it. It was quite an undertaking, to do it to the best of my ability. I still have to check for glitches, though.

Originally, I just did it for my own pleasure, but after putting in so many hours, I figured others should benefit, too. It would be nice to get a poster made in conjunction with the Herge Foundation, and score a bit of remuneration for my efforts, but I gather I may be optimistic to consider that...

What do folks think? Would the Herge Foundation be amenable to such a possibility? How should I go about it? Are my hours and hours of toil worth a few cents a poster to them?

Here's a preview. The original's 3670x4800, and resizes to about double the size (the res required by a poster) pretty sweetly.

Is it even cool to post this low-res preview?

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The Apologetic Tintinologist Team
#2 · Posted: 3 Jan 2007 01:07
Well firstly let me congratulate you on your wonderful work!

Despite your hours of toil with pencil in hand, i doubt the Herge Foundation would pay you to use it as a poster, background etc, as it would be quite easy for them to either do it themselves or pay another person to do it outright and avoid royalties.

However, this is just my opinion and i encourage you to contant the Herge Foundation and get a direct response from them.
#3 · Posted: 4 Jan 2007 15:49
A shame the preview had to be deleted; it was pretty useless as a pic in its own right at that res.

Oh, and it was actually hours of toil with mouse in hand...

I ask here in the hope someone here has enough of a grasp of IP law to tell me where I stand with this.

Approaching the Herge Foundation without a clue would be asking to be shafted, methinks.

The main problem I see is that I can't show it to em without handing it over.

I guess I could cover it in watermarks...
#4 · Posted: 5 Jan 2007 09:46
Approaching the Herge Foundation without a clue would be asking to be shafted, methinks.

Well, to a certain extent I can understand what you mean, but remember you are approaching them with material which is theirs in the first place - they might think that you were the one out to capitalize on them, not the other way around.

The main problem I see is that I can't show it to em without handing it over.

Look at it from the point of view of any project in which you approach a publisher - they get submissions all the time - who gains more from the transaction: you or them? J.K. Rowling must have entrusted Harry Potter to a publisher at some time, and she’s done okay…

I guess I could cover it in watermarks...

I think they would find this somewhat ironic, considering that much of what you are watermarking is theirs… If you truly believe your contribution is something worthwhile, make a proper case for it; if upon reflection, as Jordy says above, you see that it is something they would be able to do themselves if they wanted to, and would have no reason to pay you for it, maybe you should just take the pleasure of it yourself.
#5 · Posted: 5 Jan 2007 11:51
Personaly I think it's a great idea I always liked those framed pictures at the front even though when I was a kid I didn't know half of them because the books the characters came from were yet to published.

I think your idea is also a bit of a dream. At the end of the day you have been working on artwork which is copyrighted so they wouldn't be too pleased about that. I would imagine and you might find yourself in more trouble than it's worth.

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