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Alph-Art: The Yves Rodier version?

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#11 · Posted: 5 Nov 2004 09:21
The bit at the factory I always though was strange (despite it being in Herge's original). If the gangsters want to kill him, then why do they eave him after knocking him out. They don't seem to have left him for dead, they only knocked him out.
#12 · Posted: 5 Nov 2004 12:43
Ya I wondered same. They were pretty eager to finish him off but then when they got the chance, they didn't.

Besides, I always thought the Alph-Art story should be more like an alphabetical puzzle. That is each sold Alph-Art has some relation with the incidents going. How about we try to make our own version of Alph-Art in a new thread? Only script that is, no drawings. Can we do that?
#13 · Posted: 5 Nov 2004 13:57
There is another thread on reading a copy of Alph-Art, try running a search on the forums.

I think Rodier did mention somewhere himself that he'd like to redo Alph-Art with a modified storyline. Not that he ever got round to it.

It would be nice to redo the alph-art but it then goes into the realm of the unknown, there are already many different versions of alph-art with different endings ( about 3 that I know), Rodier's is simply the best known. Making another one would be making another point of conjecture.

Not that it's not worth a go ;-)
John Sewell
#14 · Posted: 7 Nov 2004 14:56
I wondered about the factory scene as well. The Captain says in the hospital that "It was Snowy who alerted us," which suggested to me that he was at the factory too, lurking in the background in case things got out of hand. the "us" might also mean that he wasn't alone - maybe the police or even the Thompsons could have been there providing backup (it's always struck me as odd that in the Marlinspike part of the book, bar one half-hour chat after the first attempt, Tintin doesn't have anything to do with the police despite the fact that someone keeps trying to kill him!) On the other hand, maybe the gangsters, in typical bungling henchmen style, thought they'd bumped him off by braining him with that plank, and left without checking!

I suppose it's another one of those unresolved bits which would have been tidied up and clarified had the book reached a more finished stage. I think Rodier does a good job at addressing some of these (such as the presence of the Thompsons at Akass' lecture - they're suspicious of him already,) but leaves others hanging. Why, for instance, does Martine show interest at the mention of Tintin on page 4, before she's even met him? Of course, in the context of his "world", Tintin is a well-known figure, due to his gang-busting, dictator-removing, Moon-walking adventures. Maybe she's a fan, with a full set of Casterman first editions and a shelf full of overpriced official merchandise at home! ;)

Some other bits of Rodier that I like:

The Captain seems to have an eye for the ladies! Check out his pose and the way he seems charmed by Martine on page 26, and his reaction to Castafiore's slinky friend on page 37!

Allan becoming a postman in the USA, but still denied the quiet life he's been seeking. That cameo appearance on page 52 is very true to the spirit of Herge, and IMO more effective than having him pop up again as Rastapopoulos' deputy and give the Captain a mouthful of the usual abuse.

Tintin's rescue from polyester death! As I said, it's a hard one to resolve, but Rodier just about gets there, with tension and frustration in equal measure as the Captain ums and ahhs about how to get Tintin out. I particularly like the way in which the ailing Tintin is understandably revitalised for a moment when he nearly has his ear removed by the axe; "...Are you MAD?"
#15 · Posted: 8 Nov 2004 10:05
I would have loved to see Rodier use some of the ideas on the 're-discovered pages' in the new edition of Alph-Art. I think their are some hilarious ideas (especially Haddocks new lifestyle changes). I was not going to buy the new edition of Alph-Art as I have the original translation, and the pages looked a bit annoying the way they are set out but, but I just had to buy because of the last few pages with the re-discovered pages. The ideas are very funny and in keeping with haddocks persona, bit of a mid-life crisis going on. An almost opposite pole to his Upper Class Snobbery of 'Crystal Balls'. The idea of his smoking something else in his pipe due to his inability to drink alchohol made me smile.
Captain Chester
#16 · Posted: 24 Sep 2006 07:45
I have not read Alph-art, but judging by the other posts I think that no, it should not be finished.
#17 · Posted: 8 Dec 2006 22:10
I don't mind the scence with the secutary. Its obvious Tintin isn't going to accept. There was no room for another character and even if he did go out with her, that would have been the last time we'd seen her if the adventures continued.
I think Rodier completely understood Hergé's work.
His writing and drawing seems very much like Hergé's. The dream sequence was very good and in a way showed his previous adventures and how this would be his last, a sort of wrap up for his last adventure. I didn't find the walking around boring, it created suspence. I didn't think Rastapopoulos's death was gruesome.
It was never more gruesome than Jorgen's death in Explorers on the mood. I also felt it was time for Rastapopoulos to die. He had gotten away countless times, so it was pointless arresting him again. He was the most dangerous villan in the Tintin universe and had to be defeated for good and it was the only way to stop him.
I thought lesser villans like Jorgen (who only made two appearances, and didn't seem that evil compared to other Tintin villans), Mitsuhirato (who Rastapopoulos was in charge of) Ramon and the other guy (who seemed more like comic relief than villans) were more undeserving of death than Rastapopoulos.
He had tried to kill Tintin several times and would never stop. He had to die. I was sick of him getting away.
#18 · Posted: 9 Dec 2006 11:51
Where did everybody get that version from? isnt it illegal? i thought we wasnt aloud to discuss topics lik this on here?.

[Moderator note: Read the forum description: “Review finished, unofficial works. Note: No linking to/discussing where to obtain unofficial material allowed.”]
Duke Snowy
#19 · Posted: 17 Feb 2007 22:12
I just read the Rodier version for the first time (color 8.5X11 English version with cover depicting Mercedes approaching Tintin & Snowy) and I thought it was great. I agree with some of the criticism herein - it dragged a bit and the death of Rastapopoulos defied physics - however overall I think Rodier did a very commendable job. I found this version much more enjoyable to read than Tintin and the Picaros and the official Herge unfinished Alph-Art (although I like the unfinished Alph-Art for the opportunity to see Herge's creative process.) In contrast to one criticism in this thread, I thought Miss Martine asking Tintin for a date in the airport was a great idea. I am amazed Rodier wasn't commissioned by Herge's estate to create an official version of Alph-Art. If an official version were commissioned, Rodier could have polished the rough edges and even written new books in the series. As for Miss Martine... she could have come back in the sequels as Tintin's girlfriend! For some reason I think Herge would approve.

Oh, I almost forgot... Rodier's "Tintin and Alph-Art" is an superior accomplishment and much more Herge-like when compared to "Tintin and the Lake of Sharks"! When I read "Tintin and the Lake of Sharks" I understood why Herge was afraid to allow anyone to carry on his work!!!

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#20 · Posted: 4 Jun 2007 18:20
How did Rastapopoulos die? I've never read the book.

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