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Land of the Soviets: remake attempts?

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#31 · Posted: 24 Oct 2004 00:12
I take on board what you say, Chevet, but as M. Tordeur said at the Greenwich day, they are working through 50,000 letters, 2,000 of which are reckoned to be very important, so I am not sure that even someone as respected as M. Langlois can say for certain that there is nothing in the archive on this subject.

I mean, he also said that between the preparation of the recent “Alph-Art” edition (the gold one) and its publication, they had found enough new material to make a third edition almost a certainty, so even the Fondation hasn’t got everything sorted out yet. Between that and the “ThermoZéro” being complete in its Bob de Moor JZ&J version, I am prepared to accept that there are surprises yet to come out of the archives.

I will wholly agree that the probability is that this is some sort of hoax - but it doesn’t mean that it is definitely false, and we are looking for the clues to confirm its pedigree.

Cuthbert, I am interested by your comment that it is “too slick” - what do you mean?
#32 · Posted: 24 Oct 2004 10:22
What I meant by too slick was, the gestures Tintin makes by holding the door open for Milou (his bended elbow) look almost more Franquin than Herge, and his eyes when he goes to sleep are very unherge, I think. Also that wavy hair when he steps into the train isn't very convincing, and another reason for me thinking it could be Rodier is it would be a perfect follow up to his little Mickey Martino story! Also don't you think Herge (or de Moor) would've added those two reporters from the Emerald and the Picaro's like Bob de Moor did in the 60's black island version? Also Tintin's arm while waving on the train looks awkward and the villains arm clutching the window doesn't really seem to fit.
#33 · Posted: 24 Oct 2004 13:41
I thought Tintin didn't get his quiff until about page 30 of Soviets? When it stuck up and stayed there. Woul Herge not have kept it as this?

UK Correspondent
#34 · Posted: 24 Oct 2004 20:14
Actually, looking very closely at the image, I've just noticed that it is definitely a modern-day work. If you open the image in a graphics program and zoom into the third strip, you can see that it has been placed in separately. The lines that continue beyond the frame are cut off dead-straight, and no signs it has been glued on over the top (as some of the original pages were).

Furthermore, the image itself is perfectly straight, to the pixel. I tried trimming the page to the image itself (without the grey border), and it was aligned perfectly. This is a difficult thing to do if it is scanned from a book, or even from a sheet of paper, as the printing is often not completely straight. And what's more, with the grey border removed, the shading around the page looks very artificial.

My guess to the artist would be Harry Edwood - all of his pieces are dealt with on the computer, cleaned up etc. (Lagoon, for example), so it would not be out of his league to "age" the page, and he's clearly done an excellent job of that. It is very well done indeed - the drawing especially - and I just wish that it had been continued. I don't think I've seen a more convincing piece.
Belgium Correspondent
#35 · Posted: 24 Oct 2004 20:59
"as M. Tordeur said at the Greenwich day, they are working through 50,000 letters, 2,000 of which are reckoned to be very important, so I am not sure that even someone as respected as M. Langlois can say for certain that there is nothing in the archive on this subject. "
I agree with you, Jock123, that there are still some unknow facts or drawings which will come out of these archives . The Soviets book was so important in the history of Tintin, was so "mythic" for all Tintin fans, certainly in the 50's and the 60's that if Hergé had a project of a remake of this book , there would be some visible documents at the Hergé Foundation. In this case, Numa Sadoul or Benoit Peeters or Pierre Assouline or Philippe Goddin would have found something. Nu When you see the documents they have for "Le Thermozéro", "Les pilules" or other projects, I cannot imagine Mr Tordeur will ever find any document about the remake of the Soviets
#36 · Posted: 25 Oct 2004 08:13
Well, whatever, the page is a very nice one, and of a high standard, which has compared favourably to Hergé and de Moor. “Chapeau!” to the creator.
#37 · Posted: 25 Oct 2004 13:34
I agree that it's incredibly well done, but like everyone else, don't think it was drawn by Hergé. The second frame on the third line down, for example reminds me of that expression Mickey Mouse was always pulling. Also the last frame on the line above where he waves goodbye doesn't feel Hergé somehow. But to anyone else but us Tintinophiles it would be genuine. Wish I could draw like that!
#38 · Posted: 30 May 2014 18:12
Hi, I just found a image online show a reworked version of of Tintin in the Land of the Soviets.

So, who did the rework? Hergé or some Tintin fan?
Is it a reworking of the whole book or just several pages?
I am quite new in Tintin's world, so please help me out.


Link removed.

Moderator Note: Hi, and welcome! Sorry to say, we have had to remove the link to the page you posted; it is forbidden under the rules of the forums to link to, or to ask for links or information on how to obtain, any unofficial work, fan art, pirate albums - anything which might bring us into problems with the copyright holders.

As it happens it is possible to say that the work isn't by Hergé, and has been discussed here in this thread to which your message has been moved.

Please also remember to use proper punctuation, including upper- and lower-case letters, as it makes posts so much easier to read - thanks!

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