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Johny Crossbones: Tintin-influenced Web comic

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#11 · Posted: 26 Jan 2005 22:07
Thanks jock123!

Slowed down a bit since I'm working on finding a print publisher, but I'm still going!
#12 · Posted: 26 Jan 2005 22:23
I read all of the archive, and wow! I really like this comic. It's quite original, and I especially like the style. Reminds me of a meld between Hergé and (kind of) manga. But not the bad kind of manga. :-) Is this comic published (in print) at all? If so, where can I find it?
#13 · Posted: 30 Jan 2005 17:19
just read the entire run; bloody fantastic! I followed your links section and have spent way too much time exploring other online comics. Thanks for the gret work. Can't wait for the next strip!!

christopher R
#14 · Posted: 30 Sep 2005 10:58
Les has obviously been too modest to mention himself that, after a hiatus caused by other work, not only is Jonny Crossbones back on a regular up-date schedule, but the deal is on to get it in print, in colour, with Dark Horse Comics, no less!

Oh, and check out the adventures of Little Jonny Crossbones!

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