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Re-illustrating Tintin: Advice Wanted [Locked]

#1 · Posted: 26 Apr 2016 18:23
Hey there, Tintinologists!

I'm interested in re-illustrating the Tintin series (as a pet project or hobby, I'm an accomplished comic book artist) and I was wondering if any of you Tintin experts had any advice to share.

For a start, here's what I plan to do:

1. Exclude the first two books.
(Tintin in the Land of the Soviets/ Tintin in the Congo)

2. Give the books a dynamic quality without ruining the feel of the series.
(Bigger establishing shots, new panel flow, etc.)

3. Draw the books in my own style of art, but with a consistent Hergé-style feel.
(I'd make things stylized without making them either too cartoony or too uber-realist)

Besides that, is there any ideas anyone has to offer? Anything anybody would like to see in a re-make?

Moderator Note: Hello, and welcome to the forums!
This may seem a little harsh, but the truth of the matter is that, after some deliberation, we'll have to nip this thread in the bud right here.
Given that the work of Hergé is still in copyright, we have a strict "no fan works" policy here at Tintinologist.
While it is perfectly legal and above board for you to sit at home and draw or re-write the stories in the privacy of your studio, for your own amusement, it becomes a bit more problematic (for us, and especially Irene, our Admin who owns the site) if these things start to come out into the public arena.
Changing stories, or discussing how to do so, seems to come a bit closer to fan fiction than we can be comfortable with given our posting guidelines (a previous incarnation of the site was shut down for problems in this area), especially if it entails people wanting to see your new art, which we can't publish or link to here.
In order that we fully respect Hergé's wishes that there be no new Tintin comics after his death, and to stay safely on the right side of the law, we will have to close the thread here.
With apologies,
The Tintinologist Team.

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