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Q234: What is it (part II)?

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#31 · Posted: 30 May 2007 18:31
Hello fellow tintinologists, anyone can set the new question. I just reminded.
#32 · Posted: 30 May 2007 22:24
I thought the question was great!
#33 · Posted: 1 Jun 2007 22:50
haggis will spoil your brain, i'm pretty sure ;)

Au contraire, it is our secret weapon… Not for nothing is Scotland famous for its education, scientists and inventors! ;-)
my late Glaswegian grandpa (whom I don't remember well) used to enjoy sheep's brains on toast. I don't think many Scots eat that now though - I've certainly never had it or seen it.
It wcould in fact be illegal to sell sheep brains these days - I think scrapie did away with the selling of nervous system products for human consumption.

What most people would agree on is that a haggis tastes a bit better baked in an oven than boiled in a pan of water, though either way works fine. (You can't bake the plastic covered ones, though.)
I’ve actually never seen anyone bake a haggis - the two methods I’ve witnessed and/ or used are to boil it (which takes an age) or microwave it, which does mean taking the cover off and putting the contents into a dish, but is both very quick and wonderfully effective, as the haggis is piping hot, nice and crumbly, and altogether delicious! (I like hot-dogs too!)

Oh and brown sauce on chips is a bit too nouvelle cuisine for me - trust those Edinburgers! In the N.E. we go for vinegar too. Actually it is rarely really vinegar, far more often it is that mysterious brown liquid, “non-brewed condiment”, a cheap vinegar substitute which is derived from the petro-chemical re-cycling business, and made as a by-product of old sump oil…

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