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#111 · Posted: 23 Aug 2019 19:46
Actually, Dargaud's chronology has "Meteors" just before "Voronov", "Sarcophagi" and "Gondwana" all of which include Olrik as out of prison and very active. In "Testament" he is in Wandsworth prison in London (after "Gondwana") rather than the Sante in Paris.

Ah, yes of course, then that makes sense! I'd mis-remembered the activities of Olrik (his cunning disguise in Gondwana obviously fooled me! ;-)). Good excuse to re-read them!

I agree that the three Paris books could be taken as a loose trilogy, but your point about which prison he's in and when is definitely an even bigger observation, and a plot-hole in the making - perhaps you need to write to Dargaud and point this out?

My thinking had been that it could be considered unnecessary to alter Jacob's timings, but it would be better to think of your re-structure as setting the "new" books further back, rather than bringing Meteors forward.

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