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For Sale: Rare books/ collections

#1 · Posted: 28 Nov 2020 04:37
Hi, hope it's okay to post here as this is my first time on the forum.

Other than ebay (bad experiences in the past) where is the best place to sell Tintin books?

I have 3 of the making of books (Inca, Unicorn/Rackham and Mission to the Moon).

Inca is literally pristine, like new.
Unicorn slightly more worn but not damaged, although it has an inscription scribbled on the inner title page in pen.
The Moon book is more work, some damage to the spine and 2 or 3 pages but nothing major - all 3 are from 1989 I think.

Where would be the best place to sell these? I also have 2 of the black and white facisimile editions (Cigars and Lotus).
I'd ideally like to sell the 5 of these as a lot, if possible.

I'm also looking to get rid of 18 of the Egmont hardcovers, these are practically untouched and as new.

Any advice on where else I could sell besides eBay? Any pointers or advice on how I should price these? I'd also like to sell the 18 hardbacks as a lot if possible.

Any input is very much appreciated, many thanks.
#2 · Posted: 29 Nov 2020 23:45 · Edited by: snowybella
Hello, and welcome to the forums!

Are the Egmont hardcovers titles in the "Tintin" series itself (e.g. the original series, not the facsimilie editions or the "Making Of")? If so, then the best place to put these up other than eBay would be, in my opinion, Amazon - being like an online store rather than an online auction, you can just put them up for sale there, and wait for somebody to buy it.

However, people would be more likely to buy them separately, so it's probably not a good idea to sell them as a lot.

Seeing how they were released fairly recently, but that they're probably out-of-print (I've never seen the hardback editions anywhere), they could be sold for anywhere between 10 to 20 pound sterling/euros/dollars (or the equivalent in another currency)?

I'm unsure about where to sell the other books, which are rarer, but hopefully somebody else will have an idea!
#3 · Posted: 1 Dec 2020 00:25
Hi, thanks for your response.

Indeed, the Egmont books are all the standard Tintin books in the 62 page, colour format.

They were £10.99 each and to be honest I was under the assumption they'd be worth considerably less. I was thinking more like £100 for the lot. The books I have are:

Tintin in the land of the Soviets
Tintin in the Congo
Cigars of the Pharaoh
The blue lotus
The broken ear
The crab with the golden claws
The shooting star
The secret of the Unicorn
Red Rackhan's treasure
Explorers on the moon
The red sea sharks
The Calculus affair
Tintin in Tibet
Flight 714
The Castafiore emerald
Tintin and the Picaros
Tintin and the Alph-art
Tintin and the lake of sharks

Not far off a complete set, really. But indeed, they're all hardback, only one or two of them have actually been read so they all look brand new, still glossy.

The other books are the same, really, apart from the 'making of' books which I purchased second-hand some years ago, obviously they've seen more hands over the years and they're a bit harder to categorise but the quality of the Inca book blew me away when I received it (although I did pay £60 for it).

My issue with selling individually is it's just more work and might cost more in shipping. Amazon wasn't something I'd actually considered an option so that's worth exploring, much obliged!

Maybe I'm being lazy about it, but I appreciate your advice - many thanks.
#4 · Posted: 1 Dec 2020 11:46
Seeing how they were released fairly recently, but that they're probably out-of-print

It's probably just a matter of where you are, and what your local shops stock, but the hard-back books are definitely still in print.
#5 · Posted: 1 Dec 2020 23:34
Thanks for the correction, jock123 - I should have checked before replying!

SenorLegrand, good luck, and I hope you can sell your books!
#6 · Posted: 19 Dec 2020 15:28
Hi, are these still for sale?
#7 · Posted: 1 Jan 2021 07:48
Are you still selling these?

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