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Jo, Zette & Jocko: Sequence of the books?

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#11 · Posted: 12 Aug 2004 23:46
Yeh they do Finlay, not sure why they do this really, as The Secret Ray definitely came first, but those books are 3 and 4 in the collection

Harrock n roll
#12 · Posted: 13 Aug 2004 11:02 · Edited by: Harrock n roll
According to some books I have, the order they were first serialized in Le Petit Vingtième goes like this:

Le Rayon Du Mystère (The Secret Ray) 1936-37
Le Stratonef H.22 (The Stratoship H.22) 1938-39
La Vallée Des Cobras (The Valley of the Cobras) was started before the war in 1939 but was stopped short by the invasion of Belgium and closure of Le Petit Vingtième (just like Land of Black Gold) and wasn't actually finished until 1954.

The stories were serialized again in Tintin magazine starting with The Secret Ray in 1946. The order in which the hardback books were finally published is:

Mr Pump's Legacy and Destination New York 1951
The 'Manitoba' No Reply and The Eruption of Karamako 1952
The Valley of the Cobras 1957


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