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#11 · Posted: 23 Aug 2006 16:22 · Edited by: jock123
I think one way for a more faithful series to be made would be an independent company working outside the UK.
Yes, but where would you show it? Most countries have some form of legal or cultural taboo against promoting these vices to children, so you would end up without a market for them.

The Tom & Jerry example I gave above is slightly disingenuous, because the cartoons weren’t even originally made for children - they were at best “family” material, but I believe that many were shown in bills at cinemas designed for adults; even when I was growing up they were put on in the early evening on the BBC more often than they were shown in children’s time-slots, and I have no idea at this distance if there were any attempts at streaming them so that the ones shown early were of a gentler nature than the evening ones…

To be honest, the reduction of emphasis on smoking and drinking in the books to adapt to changing social mores isn’t a new thing - Hergé embarked on the alcohol problem himself when asked - so I don’t think that the cartoon makers are doing anything new or sinister by taking a broadly health-concious position and cutting out the fags and booze where children are concerned.

Still, we can always wait and see (I can imagine it now: Lollipops of the Pharaohs in which sherbert smugglers get their come-uppance…).
#12 · Posted: 23 Aug 2006 23:40
Cigarettes were a social thing back then, within the context of the time it only makes sense to include them. As for alchohol, that normally wouldn't matter - but it's Captain Haddock's vice, his very personality (and it's not advocating getting drunk at all - if nothing else the complete opposite). It undercuts who the Captain is. No alchohol, no real Captain. It's true.
#13 · Posted: 24 Aug 2006 03:56
Tintin always showed a complete disinterest in tobacco or alcohol 9except in Broken Ear when he is about to be shot he gets blind drunk).

So if the Captain can be seen in swaithes of smoke from his pipe - hacking/coughing away like a steam engine in trouble and Tintin showed his distaste for the vices of the Captain then I think that would be more of a health comment to the kids than avoiding much of what makes the books so much fun to read.

I don't smoke or drink alcohol, but much of the plots in Tintin are affected by the drunkenness of the Captain and/or Snowy. I would like to see these 'naughty' elements in any new animated version of Tintin.


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