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A new Tintin album to be released soon - Janurary 2019?

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#41 · Posted: 5 Jan 2019 17:54
Okay, so I know Herge didn't want to do it (Abbe Wallez forced him to do it), but if he really, really didn't like it, why didn't he leave it in black-and-white? Also, I'm getting confused at one point - what was the law back then?

snowybella you got a lot to learn. i don't know how old are you. but back in these day it was the law to draw africans or anyone who wasn't caucasian like this. not only that but make them stupid and other things.

i think the reasons they let it to be colored back then because, hey! it's the law. nobody cared and if they did they would probably lose their job.

really sad time. ugh. smh.

you can read the blue lotus to get better explained. thank goodness Herge best friend stopped him doing all of this.just think if he kept on doing it. i feel so sorry for him.

I am afraid you will have to give something to back up your statements that Herge did not like neither Soviets nor Congo, just like snowybella and I did to prove you wrong. I did a search on the net and did not find anything of the sort, and I really do not think that your mere words without anything to back it up is going to cut it. I would also ask you to just mention the site or sources from where you garnered the info, because I did not know about this and would be thankful to you if I am proved wrong.

I'm really done with this topic. so believe what you want you guys. you two got a lot to learn.
#42 · Posted: 6 Jan 2019 00:22
Just look for it. ... it's true he doesn't like the soviets.

I'm afraid that, given Shivam's and my evidence against that, you'll have to give us sources if you want your argument against Soviets to properly stand.

I agree with this statement. so they basically breaking his rules.

Again, you're twisting the truth to fit your own statements. Alph-Art is entirely a different issue - since Alph-Art was left uncompleted, lots of unauthorised artists tried their hand at finishing it. However, the black-and-white Congo was definitely finished and they aren't changing the plot, but there's an authorised colour edition being issued. How is it breaking his rules?

Why are you yelling? i said it's perfectly fine you don't get it.

I wanted to say that when you said a statement, I made an example to counter it, then you bent my point so it fitted your opinions and commented that I said the correct thing, then I said that you were the one who did not get my point, and now you're accusing me of "not getting it" when you still haven't told me how I didn't get it, even after I aked you, whilst you were the one who didn't get it in the first place.

If you hadn't made a strawman of my statement, then I wouldn't have yelled.

snowybella [and Shivam] got a lot to learn, really sad time, smh, etc. etc.

I love your compliments, Mister-who-knows-it-all-and-is-never-wrong-even-when-the-truth-stares- at-him-in-the-face. Maybe you can sing me the stanza from Gounod's Faust that Castafiore always sings?

i don't know how old are you

I don't know how old you are either, but judging by your awful grammar (mentioned in marsbar's post below), continual insistence, subtle name-calling and the inability to present sources, I think you aren't much older than I am.

back in these day it was the law to draw africans or anyone who wasn't caucasian like this. not only that but make them stupid and other things.

Thank you for specifying! Incidentally, that action was done to make sure that racism, colonising countries, etc. was justifiable ("oh dear look at those poor people needing our help", etc.), when it obviously isn't at all.

you can read the blue lotus to get better explained.

I am proud to say that I have read all 24 of the books, have read the introduction (in the English edition) to it, read the real history behind it, am learning Chinese, have read at least 5 Herge biographies explaining how important that book is, and viewed the comments of this forum's members saying how he began to research other countries properly afterwards, but thank you for the recommendation all the same!

so believe what you want you guys. you two got a lot to learn.

Saying that with nothing to back up your statements is on the verge of provoking. Why can't you give us sources? Why do you keep saying things like that? Why can't you say to our arguments "wow, I didn't know that", or properly challenge it as "well, that's interesting, but as this book says..."?

You probably think that you sound good and smart saying that we have a lot to learn, but in fact, it makes you sound like a fool, as marsbar aptly put it below.

I'm afraid to say that you're the one that has a lot to learn...

Note from Moderator marsbar: Do you realise that some of your comments in this post come across as unkind and rude as some of iluvtintin's? I understand you were upset, but please keep your future comments polite and on-topic.

Also, just to be clear: I did not say iluvtintin was a fool; I merely suggested that carelessness with one's postings might detract from one's credibility.
#43 · Posted: 6 Jan 2019 01:36
I'm really done with this topic.

Good. If anything, I am done with having to clean up the mess you had made with this thread: the numerous consecutive posts of little value. Continue in this vein, your posting access will be restricted.

so believe what you want you guys. you two got a lot to learn.

So have you.

a) Do not mock your fellow guests in this privately-run online community. Respect the views of your fellow guests here: have the grace to agree to disagree, and debate the subject civilly with those whose opinions differ.

b) There is no need to reply to everything: there is no prize for the highest post count here.
Go for quality over quantity: this means refrain from making short "I agree/disagree or you're right/wrong or I've no idea/no time--do a search yourself" posts that are without additional substance to move the discussion forward in a constructive way.

c) Run a spelling and grammar check before posting anything to the forums. It only takes a minute and can make the difference between sounding like a fool and sounding knowledgeable.

Reminder to all members: be civil. No more personal attacks, please. Ignore flame baits, and leave the moderating job to the staff. From now make only comments that will help the discussion progress.

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