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New release: Tintin in the Congo - English colour version

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#91 · Posted: 9 Mar 2006 20:08
Amazon US just cancelled my order stating that they cannot get Tintin in the Congo. Anyone in the US actually received a copy? If so, who did you order from?
#92 · Posted: 9 Mar 2006 20:40
A few days ago, I was finally back on this site and saw that yes indeed Tintin in the Congo was FINALLY available in English! Of course I had to order one -- didn't see it on Amazon.com, so I went to Amazon.uk and ordered it from there. Apparently it is on its way. I think you'll have the best luck if you order a copy from UK Amazon or Canadian Amazon.
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#93 · Posted: 12 Mar 2006 07:21
Right. I just ordered from Amazon.uk. It's almost as much to ship as the book costs. ):

In fact, it cost more to ship than to buy. On the other hand, it's on it's way to me as I type. <g>

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#94 · Posted: 24 Mar 2006 16:04
Here in the US, you could contact the Yale Bookstore World Language Center in New Haven, CT. They're really nice, and could probably work something out. I saw Congo in French and English last time I checked...

#95 · Posted: 21 Jul 2006 01:26
I own all my Tintin color albums in paperback format - so I'm waiting for Tintin in Congo to come out in paperback. I've checked on amazon.co.uk - and elsewhere - but see no indication of when this might be coming out. Any ideas?
#96 · Posted: 5 Feb 2007 18:30
Now that a year has passed since the publication of the Congo, I wonder how it has fared in spite of the initial skepticism about the nature of it's contents,controversies etc.Someone had even suggested that it may have a limited run.
Does the reprints of the book still come with it's 'collector's edition' band ??
#97 · Posted: 17 Feb 2007 03:02
I could have sworn that I saw Congo in paperback/color/english at the Tintin Shop's website (UK)could be wrong though. Last time I checked they were out of stock

#98 · Posted: 24 Feb 2007 12:29
Are there any chances of video getting released?
#99 · Posted: 24 Feb 2007 18:32
I was in the shop this afternoon and bought Vol 1, Soviets/Congo. The re-drawn Congo looks very good in colour I must say. Looking forward to reading it and posting a few comments.

BTW: Nice meeting and chatting to you in the shop, Stas. I'm afraid you'll be seeing me again soon because now I'm going to have to buy the new Egmont 3-in-1's!

#100 · Posted: 18 Apr 2011 12:32
It's now 2011 and there still doesn't seem to be an English paperback of Tintin in the Congo available.

It's a real pity because I have all the others in paperback and it will look kind of naff having only one hardback edition.

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