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Which character that is in one book would you like to see more?

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#21 · Posted: 6 May 2021 21:18
Sir Francis Hadoque originally owned Marlinspike and had three sons, the eldest of whom should, in theory, have inherited it. I imagine that the three sons or their descendants moved out of the château and had to sell it at some stage. That would explain why Captain Archibald Haddock had never heard of Marlinspike when he meets Tintin there in the course of "Secret".

If the Hadoques did leave then it follows that two of the model ships also left and would have been sold in order to raise money, which is how Sakharine and Tintin acquire them. The third one remained in the attic in Marlinspike where the Birds found it when they bough the place.

That is where the movie from 2011 improved on the story, I think.
There, Captain Haddock was aware of his family's connection to the castle.
As a matter of fact, they had been able to keep it until Archibald's grandfather's days.
And it was mentioned that Archibald had been there as a kid.

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