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Favourite dialogue from the Tintin books

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#51 · Posted: 11 Sep 2017 15:04
Like Jelsemium, my favorite is Snowy saying, "I can't stand animals who talk."

Also Captain Haddock on the moon rocket telling the Thompson Twins that two Punch & Judy men aren't needed on the pier, so they can't have the job.
#52 · Posted: 8 Oct 2017 08:48
Some of my favourite quotes are:
"Tintin, are you dead? Say yes or no, but answer me!" This quote makes me laugh every time, made by Snowy.
"Billions of blue blistering barnacles!" Who can forget this?
"Crumbs!" Every time something goes wrong with me.
#53 · Posted: 11 Oct 2017 09:49
1. "When llama is angry, señor, he always do that." - Peruvian.
2. "Blistering barnacles, I know!... when llama angry, he always do that!" - Capt. Haddock
3. "I've nothing against you personally, you but that pays a very old debt." - Capt. Haddock

All from Prisoners of the Sun.

4. Any dialogue spoken under the influence of Rajaijah juice!
Cigars of the Pharaoh/ The Blue Lotus
Prof Schwarzschild Calculus
#54 · Posted: 10 Mar 2018 16:46
Many of these have been used in previous posts in these threads , so please excuse me for that . Also , I do not recall the exact words in the dialogues so please bear with me .

Soviets : Snowy:"Tintin , are you dead ? Say yes or no , but answer me!"

Tintin in America : Snowy:"Fancy being in the land of the automobile and having to trudge 10 miles on foot."

Cigars of the Pharaoh : Sarcophagus:"Between the two of us , I am Rameses II."

The Blue Lotus : Thompsons:"Botheration ! Telegrams lines to Shanghai are cut because of the floods ! We will have to go ourselves!""To be precise , Shanghai will be flooded with telegrams because we cut ourselves."
Chang:"I have a rainbow in my heart venerable lady . I weep because Tintin is going but the sun shines because I have a new mother and father ."

The Broken Ear : Parrot : "Great greedy guts ! I am Balthazar !"

The Black Island : Snowy : "Can't say I'm sorry . Now I can eat this chicken in peace ."

King Ottokar's Sceptre : King Ottokar I : "Eih bennek , eih blavek ."

The Crab with the Golden Claws : Tintin : "Seek ! Seek ! Bite him !"
Haddock : "The greatest enemy of the sailor is drink !"

The Shooting Star : Phostle : "You doubt the calculations ? Very well , check them !"

The Secret of the Unicorn : Haddock : "And then he threw himself on ..." Tintin : "The pirates ? Unarmed ?" Haddock : "No , on a bottle of rum on the deck !"

Red Rackham's Treasure : Haddock : "Blistering treasures ! Its Red Rackham's barnacles !"
Thompsons : "It (pumping) is tiring work you see . We are taking a breather ." Calculus : "Naturally , its in separate pieces ."

The Seven Crystal Balls : Nestor : "Here comes the horse , ... and here's the master ."

Prisoners of the Sun : Calculus : "Its unlikely , but there is gold somewhere nearby . My pendulum never lies ."
Haddock : "I've got nothing against you old man , but that settles a very old debt ! "

Land of Black Gold : Thompsons : "The breakdown truck ... it has broken down ."

Destination Moon : Haddock : "Sprodj yourself you bashi-bazouk !"
Thompsons : "You needn't pretend to be dead my friend , this time you've really had it !"
Calculus : "A goat ? You dare call me a goat ? This is too much ! I demand an immediate apology !"
Baxter : "I am proud that a sailor should be among the first people to set foot on the Moon ." Haddock : "It would have been the same if a piccolo player had gone ."

Explorers on the Moon : Haddock : "Whisky , stop fooling around and come back to my glass immediately !"
Thompsons : "This man has apologised to us and we demand an insult !"
Tintin : "For the first time in history there is an explorer on the Moon !"
Thompsons : "Imagine ! Here we are on the Moon where the hand of man has never set foot !"
Haddock : "If those lunar development experts think this sort of welcome will bring more tourists to the Moon , they're quite mistaken ."
Thompsons : "Yes skeleton , were you the Wolff ?"
Haddock : "Wolff a traitor ? If I hear you say one disrespectful word about that hero , I will throw you out into space to join him !"

The Calculus Affair : Arturo : "Arturo Benedetto Giovanni Guiseppe Pietro Archangelo Alfredo Cartoffoli da Milano" Gendarme : "Well , don't do it again ."
Demonstrator : "Yes I can see the disappointment on your faces at not having witnessed the actual destruction of a real city ."
Castafiore : "These professors ! Always wanting the moon !"

The Red Sea Sharks : Haddock : "Scoot ? I will teach you manners , ectoplasm !"
Haddock : "Have you finished playing the cattle dealer ? This man is neither a horse nor a slave ." Arab : "Shh ! Coke's the word , as you know ."

Tintin in Tibet : Chang : "You know Tintin , I hope they never catch him . They would treat him like some wild animal . But the way he cared for me , I could not help wondering if deep down , he hadn't a human soul ." Tintin : "Who knows ?"

The Castafiore Emerald : Thompsons : "The one time we catch the culprits , they turn out to be innocent ! You'd think they did it on purpose !"

Flight 714 : Spalding : "And you're such a trustworthy character yourself , aren't you Sneezewort ?"
Kanrokitoff : "He told me to go to ... ! And he such polite boy , I thinkink !"

Tintin and the Picaros : Tapioca : "Ah , an idealist , is he ? Young chaps these days have no respect for traditions , not even the oldest ones ." Alcazar : "We live in sad times !"

Moderator Note: We genuinely appreciate your enthusiasm, but threads like this really ask that you be selective: we all love lots of the dialogue in the books: the point here is to choose what you see as the absolute best, the one you would take with you to a desert island, or show to someone as the best of the best, not to flood the thread with lots and lots of examples.

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