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Ignorant people say "Tin...Tin?"

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#51 · Posted: 13 Sep 2010 23:26
I pronouce Tintin as Tint-in myself, is that correct? Please pardon the ignorance of a newbie.

I know what you mean about ebay though, when I search for Tintin I have to include -rin so I don't get rin-tin-tin.
#52 · Posted: 15 Jan 2011 06:44
Yeah, no kidding. Maybe then I'll stop getting the weirdo looks whenever I have to explain who Tintin is. Something like, "You actually bother to read a comic from Belgium of all places??"

William Hanna and Joseph Barbera did, apparently!

#53 · Posted: 15 Jan 2011 09:49
William Hanna and Joseph Barbera did, apparently!

Much as I must give the late greats, Messrs H&B, credit for all that they did in the field of animation, the Wikipedia article you link to does say that it was entrepreneur Stuart R. Ross who should be given credit/ held accountable (according to how you feel about Smurfs) for unleashing the little blue chaps on the world beyond North Europe.

Hanna-Barbera produced the cartoon, in a similar way to Larry Harmon making the cartoon Destination Moon, but because the property was brought to them, not because they read Belgian comics.

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