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Spot Tintin in movies, tv-programmes etc ...

#1 · Posted: 3 Jan 2008 00:50
I think a thread like this might have existed, but I can't find it anymore. Most definitely there should be one, maybe to update this great list?

Not the most famous example, but this music video, Very Funny Guy by The Rollstons has a copy of Tibet and a Tintin doll visible in the background. Quite nice if you're into indie-pop and/or home made animations*.

*I know "a home made animation with Tintin in the background" might sound a bit alarming copyright-wise, but I don't think anyone should be worried. Those are used as stage design, bit similarly if a movie character had some Tintin memorabilia in his flat.
cigars of the beeper
#2 · Posted: 5 Jan 2008 14:55

What exactly do you want in this thread? Did you want to tell everyone about the music video, or do you want people to post their Tintin spottings?
#3 · Posted: 5 Jan 2008 22:40
I think a thread like this might have existed, but I can't find it anymore.
Hmmm… I know what you mean, and it took a bit of thinking but there are two possible candidate threads that I can see: Famous Tintin fans and Tintin: appearances on TV.
Diego the Dreadful
#4 · Posted: 5 Jan 2008 23:37
I don't know if this counts as Tintin is only mentioned, but in the aventure game Broken Sword: The Sleeping Dragon the hero tells his girlfriend that if he dies she can have his Tintin collection.
#5 · Posted: 6 Jan 2008 15:08
Yes Jock, those are the threads I was trying to find. Surely something like that is needed, but as the old ones seem to be bit difficult to find, maybe it would be best to continue with this one? So please continue posting if you spot Tintin somewhere. I didn't want to limit this to one particular media, so any appearance in any media is welcome. And I'd be more than happy if the list of Tintin appearances would be updated.

(and since the copyright discussion is going on, I can assure you that the music video I linked to is posted to youtube by the director of the video and with the permission & encouragement of music copyright owners).
#6 · Posted: 4 Jul 2008 22:00 · Edited by: Sapristi
I don't know whether this fits your list...

I vaguely remember 'The Adventures of Tintin' briefly being a question category on The Mark and Lard Shows' Circle of Chance competition on BBC Radio 1 around 2002.

Or was it their earlier quiz The Wheel of Misfortune? It was basically the same thing; the Lads had an 'if it ain't broke don't fix it' approach to broadcasting over the years.

Other categories included 'the Philisophical musings of Atomic Kitten' 'Tools' and 'Rupert the Bear' (Mark Radcliffe is a Rupert fan, apparently).
#7 · Posted: 28 Sep 2018 21:08
I have just watched Un Flic (1972)which was the last film directed by Jean-Pierre Melville.

Around the 50 minute mark the characters are walking through a train station in Bordeaux.
The charcters walk past a magazine kiosk which has a selection of Asterix comics and a copy of Tintin et le Mystère de La Toison d'or.

Blink and you will miss it.
#8 · Posted: 23 Mar 2021 21:03
A rather odd Tintin find,I was watching the BBC Sitcom series In Sickness & in Health ( the follow up from Till Death us Do Part with with Warren Mitchell as Alf Garnet) which aired Thursday 6th August 1987 Series 2 Episode 3.
At around the 26th minute mark the character of Winston played by Eamoonn Walker introduces his cousin Christy played by Jan Arden,who is wearing a rather nice looking grey and blue Tintin and Snowy jumper.

Anyone seeking this clip be warned In Sickness & in Health was a series made over 30 years ago which reflected society very differntly to the times that we live in now.

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