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First Tintin book you ever read?

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#11 · Posted: 10 Aug 2004 02:29
I think the first one I read was Flight 714. I remember my cousin giving it to me for my eight birthday.
#12 · Posted: 10 Aug 2004 11:10
Not that it matters in any way, but for accuracy's sake, I just remembered that the second adventure I read was Explorers on the Moon, not Golden Claws as reported...

Which means that I didn't get around to Flight 714 until fourth in the end, even though I already owned it...
#13 · Posted: 10 Aug 2004 19:23
I discovered Tintin when I saw my friend's copy of the Black Island open on his desk. I got immersed in it immediately.
#14 · Posted: 17 Aug 2004 09:43
I first started reading Tintin when I was about 8 or so and choice the Golden Claws because I looked at the first page and didnt see too much writting and also because at the Library they didnt have any Asterix's left!!!

Been hooked since!!
#15 · Posted: 27 Nov 2004 22:15
My first one was "King Ottokar's Sceptre", which I saw in a magazine called "Explore!" when I was 10.
#16 · Posted: 12 Dec 2004 23:20
The Castafiore Emerald, closely followed by Red Rackham's Treasure.

I'd put off reading them for ages, in the belief they were immature rubbish (I hate myself for thinking that now!), but from the moment I read those immortal words 'Billions of blistering barnacles", I was hooked.

Thus my love affair with all Tintinesque began.
#17 · Posted: 15 Dec 2004 23:50
i only remember that the first two were castafiore emerald and the seven crystal balls . . . when i was god only knows how old!
#18 · Posted: 17 Dec 2004 15:25
Mine was "The Crab with the Golden Claws": it was bought for me and became, I think, the only Tintin book that I actually owned as a child. I read some of the others from the Library - "The Secret of the Unicorn", "Red Rackham's Treasure", "King Ottakar's Sceptre", "The Seven Crystal Balls" amongst them - but it wasn't until last year that I read through the entire sequence ... in chronological order of publication, I might add, and hand-in-hand with the Michael Farr companion!
#19 · Posted: 17 Dec 2004 18:58
"Secret of the Unicorn" - the pirates had me hooked...
No surpise there - one of my favorite books is treasure island...
#20 · Posted: 27 Dec 2004 20:14
I think it was "The seven crystal balls"

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