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Favorite Tintin book cover?

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#71 · Posted: 5 Feb 2009 13:40
We got them off the internet. (Like most things.) =) They really are too cool. Ah, the plus fours! How could I ever forget them?
#72 · Posted: 6 Feb 2009 17:14
My stepdad has the cover of Tibet on a T-shirt! :) You're right, that one is great too.
#73 · Posted: 7 Feb 2009 23:00
I have to say, from a nostalgic point of view that both "Red Rackham's Treasure" and the "Explorers on the Moon/Destination Moon" covers are my favourite. They're so exciting and really make you want to read the book.
#74 · Posted: 25 Feb 2009 00:36
These are my top five in order:
1.) Destination Moon
2.) Land of Black Gold
3.) Explorers on the Moon
4.) The Black Island
5.) The Broken Ear

1.) Tintin in the Land of the Soviets
2.) Tintin and alph-art
#75 · Posted: 19 Jan 2018 08:41
In a nostalgic sense, I would say The Broken Ear, because that was the first Tintin I ever read, along with The Seven Crystal Balls. The cover seemed so appealing to the "me" of then, because of the two people and 1 dog canoeing near a rainforest and the mysterious title ("What broken ear? I can't see a broken ear!").

In a more logical sense, I think I would say that The Castafiore Emerald is my choice. I like how the (hand coloured) shading of the light focusing on Castafiore grows from dark to light, and how an emerald (2 in the original French) is used in the title box to replace every time the letter "O" comes. I even have the poster a couple of inches away from me, sticked to a window we don't use to keep out the sunlight at evenings.
#76 · Posted: 3 Mar 2018 21:33
For me, ' Tintin in the Congo' takes the honour of being both my best and worst of the covers.

The 'Congo' cover with the Ford Model T is my favourite - being colourful, interesting and on safari with Coco the Congolese in the front seat. Superb.

Yet, the 'Congo' cover ( 1991 , B & W edition) with Tintin standing with coolie hat and gun, with a leopard emerging from from the jungle, I rate as the poorest of the covers. A wee bit uninspiring.
Prof Schwarzschild Calculus
#77 · Posted: 8 Mar 2018 12:30
My personal favourite is the cover of The Red Sea Sharks . The image of Tintin , Snowy , Haddock and Skut signalling to the Scheherazade on their ramshackle raft is indeed an indelible one . Not to mention the picture of the SS Ramona in the sights of Kurt's submarine periscope before the first page .
Some other good ones are The Calculus Affair , Tintin in Tibet , The Blue Lotus , Destination Moon and Tintin in America . Come to think of it , the Kremlin in the cover of Soviets is also pretty good .
#78 · Posted: 3 Mar 2019 00:38
I have to choose "Flight 714 to Sydney". As much as that story in itself has its share of problems, the cover is great. You can feel the suspense and mystery. And if you haven't read the story before, you have to wonder who Krollspell and Carreidas are. And why does Carreidas have duct tape over his mouth?
#79 · Posted: 13 Mar 2019 17:08
My favourite cover would most certainly be the cover of Explorers on the Moon. The three astronauts standing under a ever dark sky on a bare, solitary Moon with only the chequered rocket bearing any sign of human contact and the Earth visible from far away- this is the high bar for having the adventure of a lifetime.
#80 · Posted: 15 Oct 2021 14:33
We've all been in discussion about our favourite Tintin stories but I'm curious to know what everyone's favourite cover is, based on the cover alone and not taking into account the story at all.

Mine has to be The Blue Lotus. The colours are very bold and I love its ancient Orient feel. It also combines the best elements of Tintin, with the danger in form of the dragon and Tintin's boyish traits by the very fact he's hiding in a vase!

Would love to know everyone else's favourites.

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