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Snowy: Which breed of dog is he?

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#11 · Posted: 1 Nov 2004 23:32
Hi all,

I thought Snowy would have been a Maltese Terrier?
#12 · Posted: 2 Nov 2004 10:34
The dog that played Milou in the live-action films was a wire-haired fox terrier.
I'm sure in one of the Tintin albums he is referred to as such? Which one I can't remember (if he is).
#13 · Posted: 2 Nov 2004 11:45
I've not seen the live action films but have seen screenshots from them, and that Snowy doesn't look right.
#14 · Posted: 2 Nov 2004 13:09
OJG dont you think this little doggie looks like Milou?

#15 · Posted: 2 Nov 2004 22:16
It looks perhaps a little more how I imagined Snowy than when I first looked at it, but still does not completely represent the dog I think of. I guess if you crossed this one and the last of kirthi's 4 pics then that would be something like I imagine. I picture Snowy as that 4th picture but maybe slightly longer. But It's hard to come up with a definitive idea from a cartoon-everyone's idea is probably slightly different.
#16 · Posted: 3 Nov 2004 08:29
Actually there are two types of fox terrier - smooth and wire-haired; in early albums, such as Soviets, Hergé drew a wire-haired fox terrier, but later on he modified Snowy.

Anyway, I have done research on this, and never found a white fox terrier except for the West Highland one. It pretty much matches Snowy except the size.

I guess Hergé made his own version of the fox terrier.
#17 · Posted: 3 Nov 2004 09:47
I have done research on this, and never found a white fox terrier except for the West Highland one
Sorry, but a West Highland terrier is not a fox terrier, they are very different dogs.
They come from the same «terrier» family, but there are many types which look very different.
When I was growing up our family had an Airedale terrier (King of the terriers) and the distinctly box shaped head, much like a wire-haired fox terrier; a «Westie» doesn't have this boxy head, which Snowy certainly has.
My friend's Gran had a Westie and they are short, with longish hair, and her dog would attack my ankles when visiting.
Snowy is a short wire-haired dog (look at the subtle lines Hergé drew), and Westies have straight hair.

Update: If you look on the official Tintin site, there's a new section about Snowy, claiming «Snowy is an exceptionally white wire-haired fox terrier».
#18 · Posted: 9 Mar 2007 12:41
I have a white minature schnauzer and everyone we meet comments on how he is so like Snowy in Tintin
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#19 · Posted: 12 Mar 2007 20:31
Can you post a picture? I'd love to find a Snowy.
#20 · Posted: 15 Mar 2007 22:04
But didn't Tintin say Snowy was from Brussels in one comic?
How can he be a West Highland terrier, then, if they originate from Scotland?
Just pointing it out.

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