The Broken Ear

The Broken Ear book cover
Colour facsimile / 1943 updated version. Hardback.
The Broken Ear book cover
Colour / 1943 updated version. Hardback. Paperback.
Tintin © Hergé/Moulinsart.

Original French title

L'Oreille Cassée

Publication history

First published in Le Petit Vingtième between 5 December 1935 and 25 February 1937.

Published in book form in 1937 [black and white].

Edited and published in colour in 1943.

English edition

1975 - Methuen (London). Translated by Leslie Lonsdale-Cooper and Michael Turner. Colour. 64p. 30cm. ISBN: 0416834507.

1975 - Methuen (London). Translated by Leslie Lonsdale-Cooper and Michael Turner. Colour. 62p. 30cm. ISBN: 0416570305.

1989 - Mammoth (London). Colour. 62p. 30cm. ISBN: 0749701706.

1990 - Methuen Children's Books (London). ISBN: 0416148727.

2008 - Egmont (London). Colour facsimile. 64p. 30x23cm. ISBN: 9781405240680. (Publication date: 7 July 2008.)

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An Indian fetish is stolen from the Museum of Ethnography. Why? Much to Snowy's disgust Tintin is soon up to his neck in one of his strangest and most exciting investigations, following a curious trail to South America, revolution, and General Alcazar. [AR]


  1. On page 2, frame 19, the museum's conservator has a spoon behind his ear and uses a pen in his coffee.
  2. On page 3, frame 1, the museum's conservator puts on his coat inside out. [TT]
  3. On page 10, frame 10, Tintin's red notebook turns yellow. [SH]
  4. Several things in Mr Balthazar's room disappear between pages 4 and 9: on page 4, frame 1, several objects can be seen around the bed. On page 9, frame 3, the cup, the triangle, the lamp, the poster and the bust have all disappeared. [DT]
  5. The chess board used by Tintin and General Alcazar, as seen on pages 28 and 29, has a black right bottom square. Normally, the right bottom square of a chess board is white. [DT]
  6. On page 32: Hergé made a mistake drawing the tip of bananas pointing to the ground. Banana tips always point toward the sky. [DT]

Title in other languages

  1. Basque - Belarri hautsia
  2. Bengali - Kanbhanga Murti
  3. Brazilian Portuguese - O Ídolo Roubado
  4. Breton - Ar skouarn dorr
  5. Catalan - L'orella escapçada
  6. Chinese - China: 破损的耳朵(Puosun de erduo)Hong Kong and Taiwan: 破損的耳朵 (Puosun de erduo)
  7. Danish - Det knuste øre
  8. Dutch - Het gebroken oor
  9. Farsi/Persian - Gushi shikastih
  10. Finnish - Särkynyt korva
  11. Galician - A orella rota
  12. German - Der Arumbaya Fetisch
  13. Greek - To Spasméno autí
  14. Hebrew - Ha'ozer Ha'shvurah
  15. Hungarian - A törött fül (2008 edition title. Translator: Anna Luca.)
  16. Icelandic - Skurðgoðið með skarð í eyra
  17. Indonesian - Patung kuping belah [Indira edition title] / Si Kuping Belah [Gramedia edition title]
  18. Italian - L'orecchio spezzato
  19. Japanese - かけた耳 Kaketa mimi
  20. Lëtzburgesch - d'Ouer mam krack
  21. Norwegian - Det knuste øret
  22. Portuguese - A orelha quebrada
  23. Spanish - La oreja rota
  24. Swedish - Det sönderslagna ├Ârat
  25. Turkish - Kirik Kulak
  26. Vietnamese - Búc tuong tai vô

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