Red Rackham's Treasure

Red Rackham's Treasure
Tintin © Hergé/Moulinsart.

Original French title

Le Tresor de Rackham le Rouge

Publication history

First appeared in Le Soir between 19/2 1943 to 23/9 1943.

Published in book form in 1944.

English edition

1974 - Methuen (London). Translated by Leslie Lonsdale-Cooper and Michael Turner. Colour. 62p. 30cm. Paperback. ISBN: 0416800106.

1990 - Mammoth (London). Translated by Leslie Lonsdale-Cooper and Michael Turner. Colour. 62p. Paperback. ISBN: 0749704632.

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Tintin, Snowy and Captain Haddock set off to find the long-lost treasure of Red Rackham the pirate. From their discoveries in The Secret of the Unicorn, they possess the vital clue to the treasure's hiding-place. But this is no easy search, particularly when the detectives Thomson and Thompson, and Professor Calculus, are in the party. After strange finds on a desert island, and hazardous underwater adventures, the treasure-hunt has an unexpected ending. [AR]


  1. On Page 5, Frame 1, 10 and 12, and on Page 6, Frame 5, Tintin's hand turns yellow. [SH]
  2. Calculus is introduced. He has constructed the submarine which is used to find the treasure.
  3. Calculus offers some of his money to Haddock in order for him to buy "Marlinspike" estate, his "family" estate. [Martin Zechner]
  4. There is a misspelling on page 11, frame 8: "alcoholic" is spelt "acoholic". This is one of the very few misspellings by the calligrapher, who seems to have drawn in the translations for all the Tintin books in English. [Alan Thomas]

Title in other languages

  1. Afrikaans - Die Skat van Rachkam die Rooie
  2. Basque - Rackham Gorriaren Altxorra
  3. Bengali - Lal Bombeter Guptadhan
  4. Breton - Teñzor Rac'ham ar ruz
  5. Catalan - El tresor de Rackham el Roig
  6. Chinese - China: 红色克拉姆的宝藏 (Hongse lakemu de baozang) / Hong Kong and Taiwan: 紅海盜的財寶 (Hong haidao de caibao)
  7. Czech - Poklad Rudého raubíre
  8. Danish - Rackham den Rødes skat
  9. Dutch - De schat van scharlaken Rackham
  10. Farsi/Persian - Ganj, hayi rakami surkh
  11. Finnish - Rakham punaisen aarre
  12. Galician - O tesouro de Rackham o roxo
  13. German - Der Schatz Rackhams des Roten
  14. Greek - O Thisavrós tou Kókkinou Rákam
  15. Hebrew - Otsaro shel Reckhem Ha'Adom
  16. Hungarian - Vörös Rackham kincse
  17. Icelandic - Fjársjóður Rögnvaldar
  18. Indonesian - Harta karun Rackham merah
  19. Italian - Il tesoro di Rackam il rosso
  20. Japanese - レッド・ラッカムの宝 Red Rackham no takara / Reddo Rakkamu no takara
  21. Malay - Harta karun Red Rackham
  22. Norwegian - Rackham den rødes skatt
  23. Portuguese - O tesouro de Rackham o Terrível
  24. Russian - Sokrovisha Krovavogo Rokama
  25. Serbo-Croatian - Blago Rakama crvenog
  26. Spanish - El tesoro de Rackham el Rojo
  27. Swedish - Rackham den Rödes skatt del 2
  28. Turkish - Kizil Korsanin Hazinesi
  29. Vietnamese - Kho Bau cua Rackam rau do
  30. Welsh - Trysor Rackham goch

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