Land of Black Gold

Land of Black Gold
Tintin © Hergé/Moulinsart.

Original French title

Tintin Au Pays de l'Or Noir

Publication history

Serialised in Le Petit Vingtième between 28 September 1939 and 8 May 1940.

Re-drawn and serialised in the Tintin magazine between 16 September 1948 and 23 February 1950.

Published in book form in 1950.

Re-drawn in 1971 (pages 6 - 20 redrawn, Arabic text changed).

English edition

1972 - Methuen (London). Translated by Leslie Lonsdale-Cooper and Michael Turner. Colour. 64p. 31cm. ISBN/ISSN: 0416836208, 0416088406.

1988 - Magnet (London). Translated by Leslie Lonsdale-Cooper and Michael Turner. Colour. 64p. 30cm. ISBN/ISSN: 0416836208.

1990 - Mammoth (London). Translated by Leslie Lonsdale-Cooper and Michael Turner. 64p. Paperback. ISBN: 0749704608.

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Who is trying to sabotage European supplies of gasoline and why? An international situation develops which threatens to result in war unless the saboteurs can be brought to justice. Tintin is called in, and he and Snowy are soon following the tracks of the evil and dangerous plotters to the deserts and towns of the Middle East, where their efforts to find them are complicated by hazards difficult even by Tintin's standards. [AR]


  1. On the inside back cover of the editions of most Tintin books is a British colonel who was replaced with an Arab officer when Hergé rewrote pages 16-17. The British colonel appears close the bottom of the page. [AD]
  2. On page 7, last frame (D2), Thompson is seen carrying a red life buoy, but on page 8, frame 1 (A1), we find Thomson with the red buoy. [EC]
  3. The ashtray seen on page 46, frame 13 (D1) disappears on page 47, frames 7, 10 and 11 (B3, C3 and D1). [EC]
  4. On page 43, frame 6 (B3), the black man Oliveira da Figueira calls on is not Murad (but Abdul). Murad is not black, he can be seen on page 51, frame 9 (C1); and the black man's name is actually Abdul - see page 53, frames 3 (A3) and 4 (B1). [EC]
  5. On the last frame of page 37, Ben Kalish Ezab reads the letter out to Tintin; however, he does not give Tintin the exact words. The actual letter reads: "To Mohammad Ibm Khalil. If you want to see your son alive, you should sign the contract with the company Skoil. Signed: Bab El Ameer." [EC]
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Title in other languages

  1. Alguère - Tintín país de l'or negre
  2. Basque - Urre beltzaren lurraldean
  3. Bengali - Kalo Sonar Deshe
  4. Breton - Tintin e bro an aour du
  5. Catalan - Al pais de L'or negre
  6. Chinese - China: 黑金之国 (Heijin zhi guo) / Hong Kong and Taiwan: 黑金之國 (Heijin zhi guo)
  7. Danish - Det sorte guld
  8. Dutch - Het zwarte goud
  9. Farsi/Persian - Sarzamii talayi siyah
  10. Finnish -- Mustan kullan maa
  11. Galician - Tintín no país do ouro negro
  12. German - Im Reiche des schwarzen Goldes
  13. Greek - O Tentén sti chora tou Mavrou Chrysou
  14. Hebrew - Eretz Ha'Zahav Ha'Shachor
  15. Hungarian - A fekete arany országában
  16. Icelandic - Svarta gullid
  17. Indonesian - Negeri emas hitam [Indira edition] / Di Negeri Emas Hitam [Gramedia edition]
  18. Italian - Tintin nel paese dell'oro nero
  19. Japanese - 燃える水の国 Moeru mizu no kuni
  20. Norwegian - Det sorte gull
  21. Portuguese - No país do ouro negro
  22. Spanish - Tintin en el pais del oro negro
  23. Swedish - Det svarta guldet
  24. Turkish - Kar altin diyarinda
  25. Vietnamese - Dén xú vâng den

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