The Red Sea Sharks

The Red Sea Sharks
Tintin © Hergé/Moulinsart.

Original French title

Coke en Stock

Publication history

First published in Tintin between 31/10 1956 and 1/1 1958.

Published in book form in 1958.

Alterations to the language made in 1967.

English edition

1990 - Mammoth (London). Colour. 64p. Paperback. ISBN: 0749704705.

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When he hears that the Emir Ben Kalish has been deposed by rebels, Tintin is quickly on his way to Khemed to help his old friend. But behind the scenes is that ruthless international gangster and slave trader, the so-called Marquis di Gorgonzola. The Marquis will stop at nothing to protect his sinister interests. Tintin, Snowy and Captain Haddock may escape from the danger of the desert, but far deadlier perils await them in the Red Sea. [AR]


  1. Translations of some of the Arabic text: [Translations by Khodadad Rezakhani]
    • Page 16, frame 2: part gibberish (some disconnected letters)—it is basically a collection of curses such as "dog", "stupid", and "lazy".
    • Page 25, frame 10: "Good Morning! Why have you been late?"
    • Page 25, frame 11: total gibberish: Arabic letters with no coherent meaning.
    • Page 25, frame 12: mostly gibberish, but two meaningful words can be found in the sentence - one (first line, on the left) means "yourself", and second line, first word, means "laughing".
  2. The flower bed seen in the last frame of the album differs from supposedly the same flower bed on page 14, frame 3. [LS]
  3. Page 12, frame 4: the pipe on the tin roof of the guard house changes its location (moved up a fraction) and colour on page 13, frame 5. [LS]
  4. Page 32, frame 6: the colour of Captain Haddock's jacket is no longer black. [LS]

Title in other languages

  1. Afrikaans - Die Haaie van die Rooi See
  2. Asturian - Stock de Cok
  3. Basque - Ikatz stocka
  4. Bengali - Lohit Sagarer Hangar
  5. Chinese - China: 红海鲨鱼(Honghai shayĆ¼) / Hong Kong and Taiwan: 紅海黑幕 (Honghai heimu)
  6. Danish - Koks i lasten
  7. Dutch - Cokes in voorraad
  8. Farsi/Persian - Kusih, hayi daryayi surkh
  9. Finnish - Seikkailu Punaisella merellä
  10. Galician - Stock de coque
  11. German - Kohle An Bord
  12. Greek - Karvouna sto Ampari (Oi Karcharies tis Erythras Thalassas)
  13. Hebrew - Krishey Ha'yam Ha'daom
  14. Icelandic - Kolafarmurinn
  15. Indonesian - Hiu-hiu laut merah [Indira edition] / Laut Merah [Gramedia edition]
  16. Italian - Coke in stock
  17. Japanese - 紅海のサメ Kokai no same
  18. Norwegian - Koks i lasten
  19. Portuguese - Perdidos no Mar
  20. Spanish - Stock de Coque
  21. Swedish - Koks i lasten
  22. Turkish - Ambardaki kömür
  23. Vietnamese - Ca map vung hong hai

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