Robert Sexé: the real-life Tintin?

By Irene Mar

18 May 1999

The Age reported yesterday that research findings by French writer, Jean-Paul Schulz had revealed many uncanny similiarities between Tintin and a Great War correspondent, Robert Sexé's.

Sexé was a journalist and motorcycle fantatic, who became famous in Belgium in the 1920s. His adventures and experiences are recorded in Sexé au Pays des Soviets, published by Vieux Château in 1996. His first foreign reporting trip was to Moscow in 1926, three years before Tintin undertook a similar assignment. That the chronology of Sexé's first three trips matches the first three Hergé albums makes one wonder if Hergé had not based his character, Tintin, on Sexé.

Sexé's best friend, a mechanic by the name of Mihloux accompanied him on many trips. Tintin also has a faithful companion whose name sounds the same as Milhoux, except it is spelt Milou.