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Début: Tintin and the Broken Ear - name appears on page 20, frame 4; seen in Tintin and the Picaros on page 8, frame 9 - General; vain and mean ruler of San Theodoros.


  1. He seized power from Alcazar, with the help of the Kûrvi-Tasch regime in Borduria.
  2. Tapioca changed the Capital of San Theodoros from Los Dopicas to Tapiocapolis.
  3. Tapioca is a beadlike starch extracted from cassava root. It is used in cooking as a thickening agent, especially in puddings.

Also appears in: also mentioned in The Broken Ear, page 20, frame 4; The Seven Crystal Balls, p13, frame 12; and in The Red Sea Sharks, page 9, frame 14/D2, and page 60 (associated erroneously with Nuevo Rico, instead of San Theodoros!)

Tarragon, Hercules

Début: The Seven Crystal Balls - name appears on page 19 frame 10; visible on page 27, frame 3 - Scholar (Professor). Took part in the Sanders-Hardiman Expedition.
Trivia: 'tarragon' is a herb.


Début: Tintin in Tibet - page 13, frame 8 - Sherpa. He is the best and the bravest Sherpa in the Himalayan district.

Thompson, Allan

[See Allan]

Thomson and Thompson

Début: The Cigars of the Pharaohs (as X33 and X33 bis) - pageĀ  5, frame 13.


  1. Hergé did not give the two detectives a name before the King Ottokar's Sceptre story. In the Broken Ear (black and white edition, pages 16, 17), Hergé used the name "Dupont" twice for other characters (quarrelling couple in Balthazar's house, and the commandant Le Goffic (Maldemer, in English).
  2. Thomson sports a pointed moustache, his colleague Thompson sports a straight moustache [Land of Black Gold, p2, frames 6, 7, and p9, frame 6, and p33, frame 11; Back Island p2, frame 7; Crab p57, frame 10; Picaros p60, frame 2; Cgars p5, frame 13; Red Sea Sharks p7, frames 13, 14; The Castafiore Emerald, p 47, frame 2, p60 frame 11] / In French, Dupont has une moustache Tournante and Dupond une moustache droite.
  3. The two detectives claim that they have been wearing moustaches since they were born! [Picaros p47, frame 7]
  4. The British Pop group, Thompson Twins, is named after the two detectives.
  5. Some say the the two detectives are not brothers, other say they are. Snowy thinks they are brothers [Destination Moon, p18, last frame. Snowy says: This is it! ... Sensational appearance of the Thomson twins! / Entrée sensationnelle des Dupondt brothers! (Note: Les Dupondt)]
  6. They contract a mysterious illness in Land of Black Gold after swallowing some pills from Dr Müller's aspirin bottle. They are plagued by this affliction in Explorers on the Moon.
  7. Cameos: The two can be seen in Asterix and the Belgians
  8. Thomson and Thompson appear in the 1946 colour edition of Tintin in the Congo (page 1, frame 1), but not in the 1931 black and white edition.

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  1. Before moving into Marlinspike Hall as Captain Haddock's permanent guest, Tintin was living at 26 Labrador Road. His landlady was Mrs. Finch.
  2. Apart from Snowy, at one stage Tintin also had another pet: a parrot which can be seen on page 13 of Cigars of the Pharaoh.
  3. Also known as Corporal Ali-Bhai in Cigars of the Pharaoh, General Alcazar's Aide-de-Camp in The Broken Ear, disguised as General Haranochi of the Japanese Army in The Blue Lotus.
  4. Tintin first got his quiff in its upright position during a car chase in the Soviets adventure [last frame on page 10].
  5. For his contribution in toppling General Tapioca in Tintin and the Picaros, Tintin was promised to be decorated with the Order of San Fernando, by Alcazar.

Appearances: Every book in the series.
Cameos: see the Tintin's Cameos list
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Début: Tintin in the Congo (1946 edition) - page 5, frame 7 (name appears on page 51, frame 3) - Car thief, crook. He was hired by Al Capone to kill Tintin.

Tom (2)

Début: Tintin in America - page 8, frame 5 - Policeman. He was one of the two Chicago policeman trying to catch Tintin after Tintin had claimed to have captured Al Capone.

Tom (3)

Début: The Crab with the Golden Claws - page 10, frame 4/B1 (identified himself on page 48, frame 7/C2) - Villain. One of Allan's men.

Tom (4)

Début: The Red Sea Sharks - page 59, frame 7/B2 - Seaman of the cruiser Los Angeles.

Topolino, Alfredo

Début: The Calculus Affair - name appears on page 20, frame 6; seen on page 25, frame 3 - Scholar (Professor). Specialist in ultrasonics.

Torticolli, A.

Début: The Calculus Affair - page 13, frame 8 - Ice-cream man.

Tortilla, Rodrigo

Début: The Broken Ear - first mentioned in page 12, frame 4 - Crook. Murderer of the artist, Jacob Balthazar.
Trivia: Tortilla is a Mexican dish (a thin pancake made from corn meal and cooked on a hot griddle).

Tossi, Rino

Début: Red Rackham's Treasure - name appeared in a poster on a Colonne Morris, on page 2, frame 6/B3 - Actor.

Trebblebob, Eugene

Début: The Broken Ear - page 10, frame 9 - Dr Trebblebob is the resident of 120 Minstrel's Way.

Trentin (M. Trentin)

Début: Cigars of the Pharaoh - page 8, frame 1 - Mummified Egyptologist.

Trickler, R. W.

Début: The Broken Ear - page 31, frame 2 - Representative of General American Oil, a crook.
Trivia: Nick Garrett of the UK notices that Trickler makes a cameo in The Calculus Affair (the second drawing, bottom panel of page 47).


Début: King Ottokar's Sceptre - page 26, frame 7 - One of the many crooks.
Trivia: His phone number is Klow 3324.

Trujillo, Don José

Début: The Broken Ear - visible on page 45, frame 9 (the man in beige suit) ; name appears on page 45, frame 10 - Local citizen of San Theodoros. Tintin sought refuge at his home after escaping from Nuevo-Rican troops.

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