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Castafiore Emerald: translated in Twents dialect

#1 · Posted: 11 Feb 2006 15:28
'The Castafiore Emerald' is translated in Twents, a dialect spoken in the east of the Netherlands.
It will be issued on or nearby march 15th.

See the website 'Kuifje in het Twents'!
Harrock n roll
#2 · Posted: 13 Feb 2006 01:09
That's interesting trifonius. I rather like the Twents rendering of Tintin, “Tuufke”, which sounds like a cross between Kuifje and the 'original' English name of “Tufty” (see here).

So, is this part of Casterman's regional language collection (with “De Bijous Van De Castafiore” in Bruxellois) or will there be more of these in the Twents language?
#3 · Posted: 10 Mar 2006 21:01
will there be more of these in the Twents language?

Hello Harrock n roll, I suppose there will not be more than one albums in Twents.
Your suggestion about crossing betrween Kuifje en Tufty is interesting. Thank you!

Now for sale on eBay.fr:
Tintin in Twents dialect:
't Smokweark van Bianca Castafiore !!

And also 2 Roumanian Tintin albums:

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#4 · Posted: 12 Mar 2006 02:52
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