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Tintin in The Congo: Who is the publisher?

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#21 · Posted: 5 Feb 2019 01:05
is the page back in Soviets, or did you just mean it's in the various guide-books?

I'm pretty sure the "missing page" is only in the facsimile versions or guide books of Soviets, as I do have the early 2000's Last Gasp facsimile, and it is indeed included as the elusive "page 97A".
Any modern printing from publishers like Egmont don't have the page, as far as I know.
#22 · Posted: 5 Feb 2019 13:52
by "available", is the page back in Soviets, or did you just mean it's in the various guide-books?

I meant more that the page - which was included in the facsimile editions in 1989 (both the brown cloth-covered special edition, and the white standard edition, with the picture of Tintin in Cossack costume) has now been back in circulation for thirty years; that's half the time that it was "missing", so it's hard to keep calling it "lost".

But as CaptainFatstock says correctly, it's a feature of the facsimiles only.

Confusingly, the introduction which explained its re-insertion as "97A" was still being included in the "standard" binding version, even when the page was taken out again - my Methuen copy talks about it, but it doesn't have it.
To further muddy the water, the facsimile page numbers begin on the second page of the story (so "page 1" is the one with the anarchist saying "I think the dirty little bourgeois..."), while the Methuen book takes a different approach, numbering the page count from the front cover, so the first page of the story where Tintin boards the train (and the first to bear a number) is "page 4". The missing "missing page" would therefore in this case be "page 101A"...
In recent years, the French colour edition didn't get the page reinserted, but it was made available in colour as a separate numbered print with the initial copies of the deluxe version of the book.
my aunt's copy of Congo (which I think was a Casterman) has the endpapers with the Tintin figures

Sounds like she has the second, yellow, facsimile, with the illustration of the Model-T Ford inset on the front.
#23 · Posted: 6 Feb 2019 05:37
My Land Of The Soviets has got a 97A page. I guess that makes it a facsimile?
#24 · Posted: 6 Feb 2019 10:54
I guess that makes it a facsimile?

Yes indeed - both of the books you have there are part of the series of "facsimile" editions, made in the style of books from an earlier period.

In truth, it's a term better applied to the French versions, as there the books are at least recreating the look and feel of those which came out in the thirties, or whenever; here in the English-speaking world, those earlier versions didn't exist, nor were there other releases of Soviets or Congo to call upon, so they aren't facsimile copies in any real sense. The problem continued into the release of several colour "facsimiles", which again don't match any previous editions in English.

However, for the purposes of discussion, and because they resemble the French facsimile editions, the term is useful, and makes a distinction between titles which have more than one format (e.g. the Soviets facsimile, as opposed to the "standard" or "uniform" edition).
#25 · Posted: 29 Nov 2022 09:01
the two versions I have are published by Casterman. the latest cold version and the b&w facsimile version.

Posted: 5 Dec 2022 08:18
Believe all the recent Congo editions are published by Casterman. Seem to be missing from Egmont.

Posted: 12 Dec 2022 01:49
My hardback edition has Casterman as the publisher on the front cover-not Egmont like all he rest.

Posted: 21 Dec 2022 22:13
If you look at the back of Egmont editions- it lists Congo. My hardback color edition is published by Caterman in 2016.

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