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Alph-Art: Who is Endaddine Akass?

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Mikael Uhlin
#51 · Posted: 11 May 2023 15:39
I was fairly sure that there is actually a reference somewhere in the same book, where Justens & Préaux point to Hergé having flirted with using the same punning name for someone else in another book, which would further suggest that it is less likely to be some sort of code, and just Hergé using a gag that he'd had in mind for some time

According to Phillippe Goddin's book "Herge et les Bigotudos", one of the early sketches for what finally became "714" and "Picaros" list the name N. Dadine Hakasz, i.e. an alternate spelling of "en dat in a kas". Apart from the name, the only other information is that Hakasz is from Turkey. Rastapopoulos is mentioned separately on the same list, indicating that they were not the same person back then.
#52 · Posted: 12 May 2023 11:16
Mikael Uhlin:
one of the early sketches for what finally became "714" and "Picaros" list the name N. Dadine Hakasz,

Ah! Thanks, Mikael - that's probably it; I'll have to see if I can find it in Tintin - Ketje de Bruxellles now!

And PS: Apologies to you, Mikael! If I had read back through from the start of this very thread, I would have seen that you attempted to teach me about the Marollian origin of Endadine Akass back in 2004... Which I obviously then forgot!!

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