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Cigars of the Pharaoh: Which do you prefer, black-and-white or colour?

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#21 · Posted: 28 Nov 2021 12:41

Doh! I've just actually got my copy down from the shelf to check everything and I see that it does have the colour plates after all! It's been a while since I'd read it, but even so, I'm wondering how I could have forgotten that when they're such nice pictures. I think because I've looked at those colour plates more recently in other places, online and in books about Hergé, I'd convinced myself that this is where I knew them from, rather than them also being in my actual copy of the book!

Many apologies for starting a whole false train of thought that there might be a different English b/w edition out there, and having you wasting your time writing helpful responses!

To answer your question, (possibly redundantly now!) my copy doesn't have that "Tintin in the Orient" over-title you describe.

I think I bought my b/w English copy of Cigars from the Tintin Shop in Covent Garden, though I can't be sure as it was a good number of years ago, and clearly my powers of memory are getting unreliable! I also thought I had a memory of them having it stocked in one of their rather Tintinesque secretly hidden compartments behind the display bookcase sections and I may be correct; but that may actually be a memory of when I bought my English Secret Ray double album from there.

Anyway, I'm having a good peruse through my book's colour plates now and enjoying them! (And wondering what other forgotten treasures there might be in the pages of the other books on my shelf that I haven't looked at for a while...)

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