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The Shooting Star: Name of the food eaten on board?

#1 · Posted: 23 Feb 2019 09:13 · Edited by: snowybella
Soon after the scientific party depart for to meteorite, Tintin and friends have a meal in the dining room (I can't give the page numbers; sorry!). This got me wondering:

Does the name of the food in question differ from translation to translation, and are there any editions which have the same name as in the French?

In the English, it is sausages and mash, which I doubt is in the French.

In the Korean, however, it changes to fried vegetable rice, with sausages.

Insights onto why this may happen are welcome!

#2 · Posted: 23 Feb 2019 09:32
In the French it is choucroute garnie that is served. It does not have any fixed recipe and sausages are generally a part of this dish.

In Bengali, it is sausages and mash.

I think different menus are made for different languages so that the ethnic readers can identify with that dish.
#3 · Posted: 24 Feb 2019 01:08
Yes, chocroute garnie in Spanish. Well, that dish without the sausages actually. It seems a certain wise-guy, feral dog had eaten them... :P

The reason: Well, I know many Koreans, and they usually have problems understanding what western dishes consist of. And it happens the same to us in relation to Korean cuisine. It's very different. So, adapting the meal so that the Korean public can readily understand it, might have been a good idea.
PS: I was once offered mandu. I said: Raw ravioli? / No! Mandu! / Raw ravioli? / Mandu!!! / Etc. Korean cuisine is very good, although some dishes are a tip too hot/spicy for me.

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